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Absolute and Relative Ideological Terrorism in the United States

The NYTimes wants Americans to be more fearful of terrorism from Conservatives than Muslim extremism

The Result Of Passing the Buck

Israelis, get used to the fact soon we'll have to live in the shadow of a nuclear Iran and Hizballah

Master Plan For A United Jerusalem

KeepJerusalem revealed there's NO long term plan for strengthening & perpetuating a united Jerusalem

Operation Entebbe: When Jewish Life Meant Something

Operation Entebbe is much more than social media propaganda celebrating things Israel did long ago

Flip-Flopping on Felling of Terrorist Groups’ Founders

NY Times praises US killing of terrorist leaders; a different story when Israel kills the bad guys

Who Is Damaging Relations Between Arabs and Jews?

Few Arab Israelis found anything positive in the decision of its MKS to join any Gaza flotilla.

The Right To Play Soccer

Rather than asserting Jewish rights on Temple Mount or protecting Jewish lives Israel chooses soccer

Obama’s Friendly Pass to Turkey’s Erdogan

The White House treats Bibi to condemnation & threats, yet showers racist Turkey with benign neglect

Supporting and Treating Lone Soldiers Who Fought in Gaza

A year after Operation Protective Edge, the Lone Soldier Center continues its care of these soldiers

Book review: Michael Oren’s “Ally”

"While neither leader(Obama/Bibi) monopolized mistakes, only 1 leader made them deliberately(Obama)"

The Israeli Peace Process vs. the Palestinian Divorce Proceedings

Fact: Only Israel is engaged in a "peace process"; Palestinians are in "divorce proceedings"

American Jews Can Learn Something From Their British Counterparts

Though unadulterated ambition may have been a prime motivating force behind Ed’s denouncement of Israel and embrace of the Palestinians, no one denies his belief in what he says.

Liberal Orthodoxy’s Homosexual Dilemma

In Tel Aviv, homosexuality is not only tolerated, but celebrated lavishly & flamboyantly each year.

Liberty After Oslo

Oslo dictated that the ONLY value for which Israel could still fight is the value of self defense.

Faith Rewarded – Are We Taking Advantage?

Considering the news, it's not for nothing the Midrash calls Jerusalem the world's umbilical center

Obama’s Red Herring

Obama's interview in The Atlantic distorted Jewish values and threatens Israel's very existence

Here Comes A New Round Of Fighting

What is the best and most protective "Iron Dome"? The justice of our cause that, "This is our Land!"

Ramifications of Ignoring American Anti-Semitism

In America, Jews are more than twice as likely to experience a hate crime than Blacks or Muslims

Israel Needs School Vouchers

Israel’s education budget is larger than for defense; higher % than that of almost all OECD nations

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