Photo Credit: Roy Alima/FLASH90

Stav Shaffir was born in 1985, which makes her 27-years-old. She’s also in the number 8 spot of the Labor party’s Knesset list.

This might be the reason she communicates mostly through balloons.


It’s been rumored that after each vote she will be casting according to her party’s policy, Stav will be entitled to ice cream.

Shaffir was born in Netanya, so she can’t be all bad. Wikipedia says she’s of Iraqi, Lithuanian, and Polish Jewish heritage.

OK, that’s one heritage too many, if you ask me.

Shaffir was among the organizers and leaders of Occupy Rothschild, the 2011 social justice protests, and became the spokesperson of the movement.

That’s it, that’s what she’s done so far: Occupy Rothschild, gets 8th spot on Labor’s Knesset list.

You getting the feeling the prerequisites for political service in Israel have been lowered significantly?

Hey, even Obama had to first serve two years as Senator before we made him president!

Want a balloon?