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Israeli Security Cabinet Instructs IDF to ‘Act With Force’

Israeli fighter pilots bombed and destroyed a five-story building used as Hamas Internal Security Headquarters on Thursday afternoon.

Israeli Ambassador Urges UN to Condemn Hamas for Unprovoked Rocket Barrages

Danon wrote that Hamas was solely responsible for the launching of more than 180 rockets that has caused injuries to civilians.

IDF Orders Southern Israeli Summer Camps Into Shelters, Safe Spaces

Israelis living in southern Israel were told to stay within the 'rocket racing' distance of a safe space as well.

Netanyahu Meets with Liberman in Tel Aviv

The two men were to meet at the Defense Ministry office at the IDF Kirya headquarters.

Can Coalition Haredim Live with It? Court Orders New Draft Law in 4 Months

The High Court of Justice on Tuesday night approved a four-month extension for the government to pass the new IDF draft, after which Haredi...

US Sanctions Renewal May Disrupt Tehran’s Annual Terror Support Budget

"The JCPOA brought billions of dollars to the regime, which used that money ... for terrorism and subversion all across the Middle East."

Israeli Health Ministry Reaches Agreement with Nurses’ Union, Strike Cancelled

"We have succeeded in adding a significant number of positions to the health system, while reinforcing the personal safety of medical teams."

‘Golan to Eilat’ Bike Trail to be Completed by 2021

“Such a national project, in which future vision and advanced environmental thinking will be integrated, will contribute to the well-being of the general public.”
An IAF BOEING 707 fueling three F-15 aircraft in flight, facilitating long-range missions, such as those being planned against Iranian nuclear sites.

IAI Laments No Chance to Compete with Boeing on IAF Refueling Aircraft Tender

"The Ministry of Defense has not even begun a dialogue with us on our proposal. That is wrong, very wrong. We only ask for a fair chance to compete."

Report: NIF, EU, UN Drive Ferocious Campaign to Quash Israel’s Nationality Law

The Struggle Headquarters propaganda maliciously misrepresents the law, using a false comparison between two Border Guard officers, one a Jew, the other a Druze.

Irate Smotrich Demands Netanyahu, Shaked, Intervene in Rabbinate’s Anti-Settlements Move

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Habayit Hayehudi) on Monday sent an angry letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Justice Minister Shaked, protesting the decision to discriminate...

Ministerial Committee for Druze, Circassians and Minorities in Security Forces Convenes in Jerusalem

"I believe the committee's work will remove the cloud someone tried to paint around the Nationality Law."

Israeli Nurses to Strike, Protesting Violence Against Medical Personnel

Violence against medical personnel in clinics and hospitals in Israel is not new, but it's been a growing concern in recent years.

Not Bluffing: US Sanctions Snap Back on Iran

"The United States is fully committed to enforcing all of our sanctions, and we will work ... to ensure complete compliance."

Israel’s NY Consul Ascended to Temple Mount

Despite the ban on MKs going up to the Temple Mount more than once in three months, Dayan decided to ascend to the mountain to bolster Jewish sovereignty there.

Israeli Government Preparing for Continued Steep Rise in Tourism

The lack of manpower in housekeeping is one of the most difficult problems facing hotel operations in Israel. Turns out Israelis don't like cleaning up after visiting foreigners. Who knew?

Netanyahu, Norway’s Foreign Minister Meet in Jerusalem

It was agreed to expand cooperation on high-tech systems between Israel and Norway, with an emphasis on digital health systems.

Much Hype But Little Progress on Ceasefire Talks with Hamas

Hamas believes Fatah is hoping Gaza will remain embattled in order to avoid its negotiating its own independent peace terms with Israel.

Egypt’s Dolphinus to Begin Gas Re-Exports from Israel in 2019

Egypt was the one who exported gas to Israel; this deal has raised some controversy among the Cairo's business people.

Families of Missing Israelis: Netanyahu Surrendered to Hamas

"The surrender agreement with Gaza took effect three days ago and does not include soldiers and civilians."

Israeli Finance Minister Demands Credit for S&P Upgrade

The cornerstone of irresponsible social and infrastructure spending S&P is still worried about comes from Minister Kahlon's bizarre plan to crush the real estate private investment market.

Katz: Aid to Gaza Only in Return for Israeli Hostages

"The situation in Gaza is approaching a decision point: resolution or war."

Netanyahu Cuts Short Reconciliation Meeting with Druze Leadership

Netanyahu said he would not continue to meet with someone who called Israel an Apartheid state.

Quietly, Netanyahu Approves Renovations of Kotel Mixed Prayer Plaza

All we need now are actual Reform and Conservative Jews to show up once the plaza is renovated.

Druze General Taking Ride on Nationality Law: Netanyahu’s Offer Humiliating

In March 2017, Asad was arrested together with 12 others on suspicion of conspiring to commit a crime, money laundering, fraud and breach of trust.

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