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No Politician Cares About Funding Private Schools

26 Tevet 5772 – January 20, 2012
There are two types of politicians we encounter when advocating to relieve our community’s tuition burden through the use of government funding: those who claim to be 100 percent behind us, and those who claim to be 100 percent against us. What’s interesting is that politicians in both categories do not seem to understand what “100 percent” means.

Heightened Security at New Jersey Synagogues

23 Tevet 5772 – January 18, 2012
Heightened caution comes after a month of increasingly worrisome attacks against synagogues in Bergen County, an affluent part of New York City’s suburbs with a sizable Jewish population.

Attack on N.J. Synagogue Being Treated as Murder Attempt

17 Tevet 5772 – January 11, 2012
An explosive thrown through the window of a New Jersey synagogue and residence is being treated as attempted murder, according to the prosecutor of Bergen County.

Syrian Community Members contest Synagogue’s Expansion Plan

10 Tevet 5772 – January 4, 2012
In response to community objections, a prominent Brooklyn synagogue will not proceed, for the moment, with the construction of a 65-foot annex to its main building, according to several members of the Syrian Orthodox community in Brooklyn who asked not to be named. However, they will most probably not permanently shelve the project altogether.

School Excitement Vs. Parental Excitement

1 Tevet 5772 – December 26, 2011
It can’t be emphasized enough how important grassroots involvement is to political action. Serious unified support can impact the tuition crisis by making our community and its school choice allies an impenetrable voting bloc that must be listened to and that demands consistent results. How we get to “unified” is a challenge.

Jewish Businesses Attacked in Highland Park, Man Arrested

6 Kislev 5772 – December 1, 2011
A frightened Highland Park, New Jersey Jewish community rested a little easier Thursday, after a suspect in an attack on five Jewish businesses was put under arrest on Wednesday.

UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People Celebrated in NY

5 Kislev 5772 – November 30, 2011
The United Nations Headquarters in New York convened the 34th annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on Tuesday, holding events and welcoming international dignitaries. The day coincides with the UN General Assembly resolution ending the British Mandate and adopting the partition plan to create a Jewish state.

“Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing” Ad Ditched

28 Heshvan 5772 – November 24, 2011
A New York City billboard advertising “Christmas Quality” vodka at “Hanukkah Pricing” will be taken down by the company, after it received numerous complaints that its pitch portrayed Jews as cheap and associated with poor quality.

Al-Qaida Sympathizer Plotting Terror Arrested Near Yeshiva U

24 Heshvan 5772 – November 21, 2011
A 27 year old Al-Qaida sympathizer planning a terror attack on New York City law enforcement and US soldiers was arrested on Saturday, just blocks away from Yeshiva University.

Newborn Baby Brother of “Adolf Hitler” Taken Into Custody

23 Heshvan 5772 – November 20, 2011
The newborn son of a New Jersey couple who named their eldest child “Adolf Hitler” was taken into custody Thursday night, when the doctor who delivered the baby called local authorities.

Anti-Semitic Vandalism Under Investigation in Brooklyn

17 Heshvan 5772 – November 13, 2011
Police are lifting the fingerprints from 27 empty Corona beer bottles found in a park in Midwood, Brooklyn, in the hopes of locating a...

Revealed: Khaddafi’s Secret Relationship With U.S. Jewish Leaders

29 Tishri 5772 – October 26, 2011
WASHINGTON – Now it can be told: For the last decade or so, the pro-Israel community had secret back channels to Muammar Khaddafi.

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