Photo Credit: Boro Park Shomrim Tweet
Assailants in Boro Park pin Jewish man against a car. A passenger punched him and the gang fled.

NY Police recorded three attacks involving a passenger car that was cruising for Orthodox Jewish pedestrians in Boro Park late Friday night.

According to the Boro Park Shomrim group, the first unprovoked attack took place on New Utrecht Avenue and 53rd Street, where the car stopped when its passengers noticed a Haredi man walking on the pedestrian crossing.


They rushed out of the car and gave chase as the man had turned around and ran for his life.

Another unprovoked attack took place on 48th Street, where a Jewish victim was almost pinned against a parked car, one of the passengers punched him, and the cruising vehicle fled the scene.

The third attack took place near 14th Avenue and 51st Street, where the assailants rushed out of their vehicle to assault a Jewish victim, who started screaming. As the attackers were returning quickly to their vehicle, a local resident took down their license plate number.

A Shomrim Spokesperson stated that in all three incidents the victims were walking home alone when the group attacked them and took off.

The Wall Street Journal reported in early October that anti-Semitic crimes in New York City are still on the rise, with NYPD official figures showing 170 anti-Semitic crimes since Jan, up 53% from 111 incidents in the same period in 2018.


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