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Yearly Archives: 2018

Not So Fast: HSBC Bank May Not Be Boycotting Israel After All

“We have not gotten any note in this regard from HSBC, so I have to refer you to HSBC to see if there is any factual basis to the report you mention.”

In Brazil, ‘Brother Votes for Brother,’ Bringing Light to Both

"Our histories are intertwined, our faith is intertwined, our values are intertwined. And so every time that we dig with a shovel in our land, we find ancient synagogues or ancient churches..."

Egyptian Sheikh Omer Salem, PhD Visits Samaria (Shomron)

Salem holds a Masters Degree in religious studies from Yale University in New Haven, CT and a PhD from Al Azhar University in Cairo.

Belgium to Ban Shechita in 2019

This means there will be no kosher meat available to observant Jews in Flanders, home to Antwerp.

Belgium Being ‘Flooded’ by Asylum Seekers from Gaza

“One hundred and ninety-one asylum seekers were admitted today,” Francken wrote. “The largest group of young single men from Gaza."

‘Bolsonaro Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem’ Says Netanyahu (video)

"President Trump said the same thing. He moved the embassy. And President Bolsonaro will move the embassy as well."

Daf Yomi

A Gentile’s ‘Kashrus Certificate’ ‘We Do Not Give Innards to a Gentile’ (Chullin 33a)

The Stolen Basketball: Who’s Responsible?

Yitzi, when entrusting his ball with Eli, took a known risk upon himself. Therefore, Eli is not liable...

First Survey Shows Bennett’s Gamble a Huge Success (for Now)

The ruling party, Likud, would have dropped from 30 to only 25 Knesset seats, while the Religious Zionist party abandoned by the two mavericks would drop from 8 to 5 seats.

The New US Congress Threat – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

A number of new members of the US Congress are outspoken antisemites and anti-Israel. This is a threat to relations between the nations

Santa, SodaStream, and the Swindling Love Guru – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, your hosts discuss a bit about Christmas and how Ross' nice flowing white beard caught the eye of children. SodaStream considers a factory in Gaza, a mystic love guru swindles money out of people, BDS takes some hits, a 2,000 year old ring is found in Jerusalem, and an Israeli time capsule is on its way to the moon. This and more in Santa, SodaStream, and the Swindling Love Guru.

Burning Bush: Earth Beneath My Feet – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

What is happening? Do we fiddle while Rome burns? Andrea looks at the enviable status of Israeli Arabs as compared to those in the rest of the Muslim world, on-line grocery shopping and critically relevant lessons from Sinai.Pull Up a Chair 27DEC2018 - PODCAST

Farrakhan Is Only A Tiny Part Of Women’s March Leaders’ Big anti-Semitism

There you go, Louis Farrakhan or not, the Women’s March is run by a cabal of anti-Semites.

Does A Gemara Background Help You In Law School?

Today, 25 years later, the two universes of Gemara and secular law coincide seamlessly for me more than ever. As a rav and law professor, I sometimes teach the same concept TWICE during the same week – in Torts class and in Gemara shiur.

2018 Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Top Ten Worst Global Anti-Semitic Incidents

Numerous American church leaders have embraced the PA Arab narrative in the Holy Land, often to the detriment of the 8.9 million Jewish, Christian, and Muslim citizens of Israel.

UK Counter-Terrorism Unit Quells Anti-Semitic Vegans

The "militant vegans" would like to turn the UK into a meat-free society.

Our Iranian War

Iran would like to see the next war fought on Israel’s territory. It would like to see the casualties on its side being Lebanese, Palestinian, and Iraqi, not Iranian. It would like to see Israel wounded, but itself come out unscathed. It is up to Israel to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

MK Michael Oren Leaves Kahlon’s Kulanu

He is likely to be recruited by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the Likud list for the next Knesset.

Hiking Woman Finds 1,700-Year-Old Stone Busts

"The discovery of the busts fills in another piece of the puzzle in our understanding of the material culture of the people of this land in the past."

The World Shrugs at the Weak

The international community abandons the weak – those who rely on others for survival – without so much as an afterthought and leaves them, quite literally, to die. A lesson we know all too well.

Jordanians Invited to Step on Israeli Flag at Entrance to Trade Union HQ

Jordan’s trade union painted the Israeli flag on the floor at the entrance to its headquarters and invited passersby to step on it.

Israeli Arab Lawmaker to Quit Knesset in April

Zahalka, a member of the Arab Joint List faction, is the chairman of the Balad party.

Netanyahu to Reduce Vote Threshold to Save Right-Wing Block from Splintering

So far, the only significant effect of the 3.75% threshold has been the forced unification of four Arab parties as the Joint Arab List.

Will Darth Vader Leave The BDS Movement?

Is there any hope for the Jewish supporters of the BDS movement? Is there any hope that, against all odds, many – or some, or perhaps a few – will abandon the Dark Side, that old special hatred to which they’ve allied themselves?


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