Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
Israeli Flag Flies at Nepal IDF Field Hospital

And the London Guardian thinks the pope praying and financial aid will save lives more than equipment and trained rescue workers?

CNN? Well, hey, at least they got around to mentioning Israel…”China, India, France, Italy, Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, Taiwan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore and South Korea were among the nations sending aid and search and rescue crews.”


What’s wrong with this? Well, it’s better than the others, but still lacks proportionality.

China and India are right next door, as is Pakistan. But France, Italy, Britain, Canada, Australia, etc…they have the means…and yet they don’t have five planes of aid on the ground right now…they haven’t delivered 95 tons of aid.

And so, if you leave it to the world news, you’ll never know what Israel is doing in Nepal…

Brag? Isn’t it interesting that no one is accusing any of the other nations of bragging…perhaps, that has less to do with their attitude and more to do with their actions. The EU is sending money? Italy is sending money? Will money pull people from the rubble? Will it repair broken bones? The bragging was done in front of the microphones, where politicians ran to announce how much money they would send. What Israel has, once again, delivered is action. Our soldiers and doctors and rescue teams rushed into action and the only reason they weren’t there 18 hours ago was because the airport in Nepal wasn’t cleared for the landing.

Take a look at this, Frank  – and tell me we don’t have a right to be proud and share what we are doing


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