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European Union flag superimposed upon Palestinian Authority flag, reflecting the EU's anti-Israel bias

Israel has proposed a plan for West Bank Palestinian Arabs to be able to travel overseas via the Ramon Airport in Eilat, planning test flights to Turkey from which they can go anywhere else in the world.

Up until now, if they want to fly anywhere they need to travel through the Allenby Bridge crossing to Jordan and from there go to Amman.
This plan would save them a great deal of time and headaches, especially with the huge delays at the Jordanian crossing point.
So, naturally, they are opposing it.
Musa Rahhal, the spokesperson for the Palestinian ministry of transportation, is saying “it comes within the framework of the policy of apartheid, pressure on our people, and the Israeli economic benefit.”
The spokesman claimed that Israel was trying to force all Arabs – Palestinian citizens and Arab-Israelis alike – to travel through Ramon Airport. All citizens of Israel – Jews and non-Jews alike – are permitted to travel through Ben-Gurion Airport and other Israeli-controlled border crossings.
Rahhal also claimed that the current overcrowding at the Allenby Bridge between Israel and Jordan was part of an Israeli scheme to force Palestinians to use Ramon Airport. In the past few weeks, thousands of Palestinian travelers have been stranded on the Jordanian side of Allenby Bridge because of unprecedented overcrowding and the limited hours of work at the border crossing.
There is a very simple reason why the Palestinian leadership consistently opposes any plan to make the lives of Palestinians easier.
Palestinians have a thriving export business. This export has created lots of jobs in the NGO industry. It has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the EU and from Arab countries. It is a critical part of their economy.
The export is Jew-hatred.
Anything that Israel does to help Palestinians live more normal lives threatens this critical export. Palestinian misery is the most important raw material for the profitable export of antisemitism, so the leaders must ensure that misery is generously spread to their people in as public a fashion as possible, s long as the misery is always blamed on Jews.
The Palestinian export of Jew-hatred is the only reason why Palestinians remain the top recipients of humanitarian aid on a per capita basis in the world – a position they have held, unchallenged, for decades. If they couldn’t blame their misery on Jews, they would lose hundreds of millions of dollars annually.
So of course they oppose allowing their people to travel more easily to the world. They want to say they live in an open-air prison.
Of course they oppose closing down “refugee” camps even in their own areas. Because they claim that people in the borders of British Mandate Palestine are “refugees” and need hundreds of millions from the international community.
Of course they oppose any peace plan that allows Israel to exist as a Jewish state. They need Jews to blame for everything.
Once you understand this simple fact about the Palestinian export industry, all of the things that seem inexplicable suddenly make sense.



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