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While the world was outraged and strongly condemned the attack, including the United States which issued a statement that the “deliberate targeting of innocent civilians is repugnant and unconscionable,” Palestinians celebrated and defended the killings of Jewish civilians.

Hamas, the popular political-terrorist group which governs Gaza and holds a majority of Palestinian parliament, issued a statement under the banner “Hamas mourns Palestinian killed by Israeli occupation troops in occupied Jerusalem.” The article wrote “The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas mourns Palestinian resistance fighter Hussein Qaraqe’, 31, who was killed by the Israeli occupation forces near the colonial settlement of ‘Ramat’ in occupied Jerusalem on Friday. Hamas reiterates that the Palestinian people will continue to resist the Israeli occupation forces and colonial settlers’ crimes against the defenseless citizens of the occupied West Bank and the racist policy of home demolition.”


>> Recall that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) compared Israel and the United States to this repugnant and racist genocidal regime, and every Democrat – including Jews – in the House of Representatives sought to protect her from being ousted from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Wafa, the official website of the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Fatah, ran a story inverting the facts with the headline “Israeli settlers kill a Palestinian driver in occupied Jerusalem.” The article wrote “A Palestinian young man was shot dead today by Israeli settlers at Nabi Samuel junction in occupied Jerusalem, according to local sources. The family of Hussein Khaled Qaraqe, 30, said Israeli settlers opened gunfire at their son while he was driving his vehicle at the junction, critically injuring him. The young man was pronounced dead a few of minutes later.”

Ground News captured the overall Palestinian sentiment of the attack “Palestinians Celebrate Murder of Israelis in Terrorist Attack, Media Headlines Call Victims ‘Settlers’

Palestinian sites featured pictures of the killer but not the Jewish victims

Outside of the Palestinians, several Muslim sites sought to inflame the situation.

Palm Strategic Initiatives wrote “Two Israeli settlers were reported killed and five others injured during a ramming attack in occupied Jerusalem. Israeli media reported that Palestinian youth Hussein Qaraqe’, 31, carried out a run-over attack in Ramout Israeli settlement in occupied Jerusalem.” Neither the six year Jewish victim nor the 20-year old was described in any fashion, while the 31-year old terrorist was described as a “youth.”

Al Mayadeen wrote that “Israeli media claim two illegal Israeli settlers were killed and five others were injured in a ramming operation into a bus stop in Al-Quds,” making Jewish civilians walking on the street the actual perpetrator of doing something “illegal.”

Hezbollah’s Al Manar wrote “Car Ramming Attack in Al-Quds City Kills Two Zionist Settlers, Critically Injures Seven Others.” The article led “A car ramming attack, carried out by a Palestinian who descends from Al-Issawiya town, left two Zionist settlers dead and critically injured seven others in Al-Quds City. Hussein Karaka, 31, rammed into a bus stop at the entrance to the Ramot neighborhood and hit 11 settlers, according to media reports.”

The left-wing Israeli media headed by Haaretz tried to explain away the terrorism. It ran a headline “Jerusalem Attacker Was Released From Psychiatric Ward Day Before Car Ramming, Family Says.” It pushed the narrative that the Palestinian terrorist was not really a perpetrator of violence as much as a victim of mental illness.

What has happened to the world?

It is illegal under international law to incite violence which the Palestinian leadership does openly. It is also illegal to finance terrorism, which the global community does in providing funds to the PA and Hamas.

It should perhaps not be shocking in this environment that a member of Congress normalized a genocidal jihadist regime, but shouldn’t we be appalled that Jews are defending this Congresswoman?

The killing of civilians is absolutely “repugnant and unconscionable,” and it is past time to hold the defenders of such atrocities to account.

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