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The flag of Israel at Auschwitz

On October 7th Gaza brought the Holocaust to Israel.

It is important to note the similarities – and the differences.


On October 7th, 2023, Hamas brought the Holocaust to Israel. They came with lists and maps of Jews marking them for death – just like the Nazis. They rounded people up, shoved them into buildings and set them on fire. They burned people ALIVE. They even planned to GAS Jews – just like the Nazis

Gaza brought the Holocaust to Israel, terrorizing Holocaust survivors, sending Jews into hiding where they had to hold their hands over the mouths of babies, praying that they wouldn’t make a sound so the monsters wouldn’t find them.

Gaza did things that were so twisted and sick that even the Nazis would not and did not do.

The Nazis masterminded death as an industry. They were systematic, methodical, effective, and clean. They distanced themselves from the evil they committed. Turning people into numbers made them faceless and easier to exterminate.

Gaza invaded Israel believing they were the sword of Allah, coming to cleanse the land of Jews as part of their holy war. They would replace us, making the land Islamic. They did not distance themselves from death, they reveled in their blood lust, live-streaming torture and slaughter as they laughed with joy.

During the Holocaust when Jews hid, they hoped the monsters would not find them. If they were discovered, there was no hope.

On October 7th when Jews hid, they hoped the monsters would not find them before the army came.

The army came, too slow, in some cases too late, but they came. And even before the State stepped in, individual heroes came. They did not wait to be told what to do. They saw their brothers and sisters being tortured and slaughtered and they flung themselves into the battle. They left their family to save people they didn’t know, family they hadn’t yet met. They stood in between other innocents and the monsters coming to slaughter them. Jews defending Jews.

And therein lies the difference.

The desire to exterminate Jews is the same. The ability to do so is not.

Israel was not founded because of the Holocaust . We had a Holocaust because there was no one to defend us. There was no one to tell those who wished to destroy us that they could not.

Now, like then, it is not the “enlightened”, the “cultured” of the world who will save us.

NEVER AGAIN means to never again hope that someone else will save us. It is up to us to make sure that those who wish to destroy us, cannot. The civilized won’t come to save us.

Our brothers and sisters, the warriors of Zion, are the ones who will!

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