Photo Credit: Yori Yanover, based on image by Artur Reszko
Vandalized monument commemorating a pogrom in Jedwabne, Poland.
Vandalized monument commemorating a pogrom in Jedwabne, Poland.

August 15, 2019

Andrzej Kumor


Publisher Goniec

Goniec Inc

55 Village Center Place, Suite 200

Mississauga, Ontario


Dear Mr. Kumor,

You were quoted as stating that “Jews and Zionists have terrorism in their blood”, and are trying to destroy Poland.

Destroying Poland would be a difficult thing for Jews. The number of Jews in Poland on September 1st 1939 amounted to about 3,474,000 people. At the most, 120,000 survived the war. A number who survived were murdered to keep them from reclaiming their homes and possessions stolen by their Polish neighbors.

I will not mention the hatred of Jews who for 1000 years Poles have called Christ killers. Nor will I waste your time bringing up the eagerness with which Poles assisted Germans to erase the memory of Jews from Polish soil. I guess if you are any example, the effort to erase the memory of Jews in Poland has failed. We here call it guilt.

Even though Jews were reviled in Poland, one hundred and thirty thousand soldiers of Jewish descent served in the Polish Army trying to protect your sorry ass from the Nazis. Giving their lives to defend people who loathed them is one of the most majestic, selfless acts in history. No wonder you hate them for it.

Larry Shapiro,


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