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The Monitor’s sort-of-annual listing of recommended websites and blogs is a little different this time. Previous listings were an amalgam of readers’ favorites and the Monitor’s own choices; this one is purely the Monitor’s concoction.

There are plenty of additional sites that could have been included, but for the sake of space and sanity the decision was made to highlight only those to which the Monitor repairs on a more than occasional basis. Most of the sites listed can be characterized as centrist-conservative, reflecting the Monitor’s preferences and prejudices. But there are those – The Daily Howler, The New Republic and Haaretz are the obvious examples – that are anything but right-wing.

The list has been assembled in no particular order.

Jewish Current Issues
Seraphic Secret
Dean?s World
The Buck Stops Here
The National Debate
The New Republic
Front Page Mag
Fightin? With Grabes
Boker Tov, Boulder
Little Green Footballs ()
The Daily Howler
The Jerusalem Post
Captain?s Quarters
Buzz Machine
The Zionist Conspiracy
Israel Insider
Real Clear Politics
Media Research Center
Maariv International
Power Line
Weekly Standard/Daily Standard
Roger L. Simon
Democracy For the Middle East
Baseball Crank
Urban Legends Reference
Hugh Hewitt
Oh, That Liberal Media 
Belgravia Dispatch


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Jason Maoz served as Senior Editor of The Jewish Press from 2001-2018. Presently he is Communications Coordinator at COJO Flatbush.