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This week’s parsha begins Moses’ speech to the people of Israel before they begin their entrance to the land of Israel. In his speech, Moses recalls much that the nation has gone through over the past 40 years in the desert, including when God told him he wouldn’t be able to enter the land. In this video, the first of two parts, Rabbi Fohrman explores the odd way Moses references this story, and connects the idea of hitting the rock to the small, seemingly-unimportant story of Jethro and the judges.


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Rabbi David Fohrman is the dean of Aleph Beta Academy. He has taught at Johns Hopkins University, and was a lead writer and editor for ArtScroll's Talmud translation project. Aleph Beta creates videos to help people experience Torah in way that is relevant and meaningful to them. for more videos, visit:


  1. Moses struck the rock more than once ,,,that is not what G_D told him to do,,, maybe G_D did not intend for Moses to enter the promise land,,,Abraham saw a city but not an earthly city,,he Buried his wife Sarah in the promise land but he did not take the land Moses took the people out of physical bondage only,but the MESSIAH is the ONE who takes us out of SPIRITUAL BONDAGE ,,,MOSES and ABRAHAM knew this,,, as did many of the true prophets of the LIVING GOD.

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