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An April Fools News bulletin.
Terror: Is returning to Israel, because our government is more concerned with foreign appreciation than security at home. Incompetent Bennett responds reactively, rather than pro-active with much firmer measures.

Is: US President Joe Biden fit to be the leader of the free world? Walter Makes sense of what is happening, and examines what’s at stake.


How: Bennett holds-on to power regardless of the cost to the nation. The Muslim Brotherhood’s influence reigns, as Jewish settlements are torn down, and illegal Arab structures go up. It’s time for this government to fall.

Why: Benjamin Netanyahu, despite his earlier broken promises, is still the best choice for Israel. His diplomatic skills would prevent a soft nuclear deal with Iran. But when again Prime Minister, he must deal with Israel’s sovereignty from the river to the sea and care less about our image abroad.

Hear: In some detail, how European politics are turning further right, bringing with it some unpleasant effects.


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