Photo Credit: United Hatzalah
A bus that was stoned near the Rockefeller Center on June 12, 2016

Three people treated for injuries resulting from Arab stone throwing on Sunday night have been released from the Hadassah Har Tzofim hospital.

Passengers on the Egged bus were injured when Arabs attacked the bus as it drove past the Rockefeller center, opposite the Old City of Jerusalem, on its way to the Kotel, according to United Hatzalah.


Front, back and and some side windows on the bus were broken and shattered.

A young man and woman were treated with head wounds, and a 60-year-old woman was treated for chest pains. They were taken to the hospital

The paramedics also calmed down the children and elderly on the bus, until the bus was able to continue on its way to the Kotel.

During the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, Muslims tend to increase their terror attacks against everyone else.

The shattered back window of an Egged bus – June 12, 2016



  1. And once again the police and IDF are ordered to hide until an attack has already occurred? It is like telling the police not to patrol the streets and wait for the crime before leaving the building. Appeasement only gets people dead and injured. Who cares if three months down the way, the person is caught when the damage is already done? The Israeli public are not the sacrificial lambs of the EU and Obama while Netanyahu runs scared to try and appease them. He needs to face the fact that unless Israel decides to commit national suicide and all six and half million Jews will jump off of Masada, Western Europe and the US Democrats will hate Israel. Jew hatred is alive and well as it has been for 2000 years of Christendom, and they want Israelis to behave like the Jews these same people massacred, vilified and kept locked in ghettos, by being submissive subhumans, and quietly go to their deaths. Now Jews can live freely, have their own country, defend themselves and the West despises that fact.

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