Photo Credit: IDF
IDF forces at an illegal weapons factory.

Israeli forces on Wednesday night operated in the city of Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria and shut down a weapons-manufacturing plant. The forces confiscated two machines used for the illegal production of weapons.

There is a prolific illegal weapons production and trade in the Palestinian Authority (PA) areas.


The IDF and other Israeli forces have been waging a constant war on this phenomenon, as these weapons are also used in acts of terrorism against Israelis.

In related news, Israeli forces operating in the Samaria area to find illegal weapons found and confiscated an M-16 assault weapon, a handgun, three improvised explosive charges and various gun parts.

Finally, forces carrying out counter-terrorism operations throughout Judea and Samaria arrested 16 wanted persons suspected of involvement in terrorist activities, popular terror and violent disturbances against civilians and soldiers.