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Pelosi turns her back on Netanyahu and Congress.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Minority Leader in the House, literally turned her back on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Tuesday when she stood up with everyone else after he said, “Even If Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand.”

After her demonstrative insult to the Prime Minister if not to Congress, she issued a statement:

As one who values the U.S.- Israel relationship, and loves Israel, I was near tears throughout the Prime Minister’s speech — saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P5 +1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation.


She did not join approximately 50 Democrats who boycotted the speech. Instead, she sat and made all kinds of gestures to Democratic Minority Whip Steny Hoyer before finally standing up and turning her back.

We don’t know whether she turned her back because she can’t stand the idea that Israel can stand by itself, without her, or because she was disgusted that her colleagues stood for so long and applauded Netanyahu.

Or perhaps she had a pain in her back.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. That cretin is representative of the population in her district. All representatives are. I’m absolutely ashamed and mortified over the behavior of these people but the worse is sitting in the WH. I do pray Israelis understand that the citizenry overwhelmingly stands with Israel. It’s been a hellish existence here since 2008. God help us all.

  2. Here they are suppose to representing the people of the United States and then some boycott the speech and she went and did this! It’s deplorable to see those in office acting the way they do and insulting such a strong leader as Netanyahu! May God Bless Israel!

  3. ……be comforted Mdm Senator….bear in mind that Israeli PM Netanyahu did just speak from his heart…..what is from his heart is GOD Himself!
    Mr Netanyahu knew and anyone who came from the 12tribes of Israel knew that GOD will never leave HIS people…..this is the time that we dont just live in physical realm but of spiritual realm…..this whole world will pass away but GOD and His Word will live forever

  4. She is a professional who should behave herself accordingly but displayed some mental aberration before our nation and Israels Prime Minister I hope he can forgive her she is not well it seems. Please do not judge all Americans by this display for attention.

  5. It is shamefull to see all those applauding senators reacting on a right wing warmonger of a small country that exists because of American high morality. He, the oppressor of the Palestinian people, opposed in Israel itself by decent politicians like Herzog and Livni, is an irresponsible person, a nightmare for us Jews. This is what goes through the mind of Pelosi.


  7. Oh dear those crocodile tears will make your make up run and real all your Botox pricks. So deary seeing that you so rudely walked out with the black raucous caucus how do you know the content of the great statesman’s speech? Hiding in which secret skeleton cupboard in the White House. Soon it will be the black liquorice all sorts house with a green roof with snail trail scribblings over it!

  8. To Nancy Pelosi. A wise person listens to the opposition and reflects on its words. Do not be so proud as to be “offended.” LEARN from any serious source, especially in the case of a nuclear danger.
    Disagree if you want, AFTER you have thoroughly listened.

  9. What happens to the intelligence of USA, if only if Israel stop helping, the intelligence of the USA? Yes is time to grow up Israel grew up, but no country can stay Israel chai and when we say am. ECHAD, is all the Jewish on earth stand and help Israel.

  10. What happens to the intelligence of USA, if only if Israel stop helping, the intelligence of the USA? Yes is time to grow up Israel grew up, but no country can stay Israel chai and when we say am. ECHAD, is all the Jewish on earth stand and help Israel.

  11. Israel is not alone..Against all odd, the rebirth of Israel, unequipped to fight they won in 1967, and have been protected by GOD all along. There will be cries in the Land when it becomes ugly, however ISRAEL is forever…GOD said it, I believe it, and that settles it.

  12. Aren’t you concerned at all about the trashing of the country? The complete lawlessness and disregard for our allies. Do you think this is some kind of game? Don’t you have kids, family, anyone? Where is your concern for America? Instead of concern you show glee at some fake poll/propaganda and act like this is some kind of exercise in ‘picking’ teams in jr. high school? I really wish I knew you so I could see your face when we do collapse because it’s coming or when Iran detonates a nuke because that is coming too. Instead of concern though you seemed absolutely delighted. How terribly sad.

  13. That sounds a bit like the “No True Scotsman” fallacy. Who’s to say what a true American is? In America we are free to have our own opinions whether they agree with anyone or not. Do you have a number of unbiased well-done studies to back up your claim of “most” Americans. I don’t know if Bibi is right or wrong but American cannot allow other leaders to dictate what it should do, or use America to campaign.

  14. She reminds me of when a four year old child in my child's class did not want to go to school and sat in class with her back to the teacher!
    That is the level of Nancy Pelossi, without insulting all five year olds- but maybe she got some points with her boss!

  15. It seems that Israel does not have "bipartisan" support in the Congress only 1 1/2 partisan support. But the two most shameful persons are John Yarmouth and Steve Cohen, two court Jews. Not because they stayed away from PM Netanyahu's speech, but because they let themselves to used by the regime as spokesmen against Israel. Pelosi is no consequence, she hysterical retard.

  16. Pelosi acts like a 6 year old child that doesn't get her way. No one forced her to attend the speech. If she went there to act like a child, then she accomplished her goal. If obama told her what to do, then it's a reflection on him and all his other cronies.

  17. Who cares about Pelosi? Bibi gave a speech that will go down in history as one of the best. He got his points across to those who were listening. I'm 71 and that was one of the best speechs I have ever heard. Israel will never have to stand alone as long as there are Americans to stand with her.

  18. My hope was that she got up and was turning to leave. She has no business being there. She is not a leader. She is an Obama lap dog with no mind of her own. Republicans did not boycott or turn their backs on Obama when he gave his state of the union address. They sat there and listened. Even if they disagreed. This non-leader and the rest of her boycott clan could have sat there and listened. They didn't have to agree but they had an obligation to their constituents to be there. If they don't want to be in a joint session of congress, don't run for office and "pretend" to represent your constituents.

  19. pelosi has totalitarian mind and cannot stand the idea one can differ from her marxist dogma! There is a better alternative to negociations which willgive iran the nukes and legally on top of that : it spells bombing the sites as Israel did with irak and syria. Provided ebolabamama who wants the nukes for iran does not try to stop the israeli bombers! e tried to weaken Israel by giving its territory to Israel's jordanians he calls "palestinians" in vain fortunately and now he wants iran to destroy Israel! His pr and rhetoric will not convince anyone except …pelosi!

  20. Natanyahu has the blood of 4,000+ dead Americans on ow his hands after telling similar lies about Iraq to get us into a war.
    Israel has no nuclear threat to Iran?
    Mossad says he lied at UN about Iran's nuclear capability.
    Disgusting manipulation of US Congress by Adelson and Bibi.
    Great campaign ad and free air time for Bibi on day TV ads start in Israel

  21. Dear Nanci Pig-lousi,
    You deserve to be insulted. With all the grief you and your followers have caused the United States Citizens. We learned from you that it is important to READ IT before we sign it. Now you have heard what a real leader sounds like.

  22. 40 standing ovations and she turns her tuchas to the speaker, just goes to show her negativity to the truth, concern and welfare of not just one country Israel but the surrounding ones that will also be annihilated should the fanatical Iran so called leader press the button. I doubt she will get much glory from Obama for her efforts to suck up to his insecurity of Bibi's visit.

  23. Ms. Pelosi has a long history of unequivocally lying to her own constituency and country. Why would you expect her to be anything but disrespectful to Netanyahu or Israel because they have a different belief about Iran and its nuclear intentions.

  24. Of course Pelosi is smarter then many of us, using those fancy words like condescension and proliferation. But it doesn't mean that she knows more and has a clear logic.

  25. Being a native Californian, for the life of me I do not understand how Pelosi gets re-elected, and yes this is the land of make believe! with that said, I find her to be a TOTAL embarrassment to my country. I only wish we had someone in the White House that had HALF the bravery and intelligence of Bibi…he at least wants to protect his country from the enemy instead of inviting them for dinner…

  26. Lefties do what they always do….they LIE and they HATE! Th issue here is why any smart person in the planet, especially jewish people can support the evil of the left….It was a very powerful and accurate speech from a very brave and intelligent leader…so of course the socialists/lefties/liberals are mad….they HATE Israel and they are anti jews!!!!

  27. Juan Rodriguez you are an ignorant idiot! Netanyahu gave a political speech that was begging for the US to fight Iran. You are too young and immature to understand that after 9/11 this same Netanyahu address the congress and he warned us then that Saddam was evil and developing nuclear weapons and must be stopped! If he was stopped it would benefit the Middles East and all the world. Well, Saddam was stopped at an extremely high cost to the US not only in unfunded monetary spending, but also it cost the US over 4,000 of our bravest young men and women who were murdered, plus well over 40,000 more who were wound some so badly they will never be whole again! The wind of the win is that the Middle East is not any safer than it was before and the war ended and has given us ISIS which is a far greater threat than Saddam ever was. Netanyahu (justifiably or not) is only concerned about Israel and US money and guarantees of protection! He was wrong with Saddam and he is wrong in trying to get the US to go to war with Iran. One last thing, if you think he is so wonderful how prepared are you to go fight in this war?

  28. Richard Lansing, Netanyahu IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOREIGN POLICY OF THE UNITED STATES! Whereas Nancy Pelosi has a lot more to do with it! She turned her back on him because he was speaking ill and embarrassing the President of the United States! BTW, it is against US law for Boehner to have invited Netanyahu to speak to congress and he could very well be charged with this violation!

  29. Maire Heatherly, how do you feel about Issa? You should wonder how this "Low Life Scum" keeps getting re-elected instead of being put into prison! He is a TOTAL embarrassment not only to California but to the entire US. Our allies keep shaking their heads trying to figure out how he keeps getting re-elected!

  30. Edward Lobel I am not that smart, but you either. We are not White House employees who are hurting this wonderful country. And Madam Pelosi is. She acts immature and illogical. She is pushing this country in the state of utopia and distraction. But her and Obama's supporters did not mature enough to understand that.

  31. Robert – I agree. All too often our politicians forget that they represent their constituents and let their personal feelings rule the day. If anything this is the leader of an allied nation and as such deserves respect for that position.

  32. What is her problem?! I admire her as a woman, successfully raising (I believe) five children, and having a difficult full time job. She is sincere in her beliefs. Her beliefs, to me, are misguided, but sincere . Netanyahu lives in Israel and is a soldier, he KNOWS the reality .

  33. Edward lobel. So it's ok for Pelosi to visit Assad and address them without permission of the Bush administration. And since when is it that we cannot seek an opposing viewpoint in this country anymore. Finally the Congress has every right to invite whomever they like to address the people without King Obamas permission. Your president embarrasses himself by the way. Netanyahu is a warrior and Obama is a street organizer. I'm tired of this thin-skinned pedantic fool of a president.
    Lastly, it is not against the law and you have no idea then of what you speak. If you're going to start making ridiculous accusations you need to learn what the law is and maybe read our Constitution.

  34. And another thing lobel. Netanyahu was interrupted over 40 times with a standing ovation by BOTH republican s and Democrats. You're on the wrong side. History will show. The only way Obama will get this agreement is with another lawless executive action while he tramples over the Constitution. Because he is never going to get a 2/3 vote in the congress. Netanyahu completely changed the narrative yesterday against you and Obama and the rest of your bunch. Sorry

  35. Edward Lobel you are not just a dumb FOOL but also a typical and predictable LIAR! Typical leftie, weak minded souls like yourself deserve to be FORCE to live in muslim lands so they can be torture they way you deserve!!! Be smart and use common sense. This is not just about Israel!!!! Muslims are once again killing Christians and everybody else…they have been doing it for centuries. So educate yourself!

  36. Edward Lobel YOU are a fool…The world can fight this evil now…..or later when it is unwinable…….go ahead, bury your head in your fanny…….Israel will fight if it must to save your sorry butt!!

  37. I dont admire any woman who is stupid enough to turn her back on Gods People God will deal with her harder than any one else can ever , She is willing to let this so called president ruin her country she is communist for sure, Obammy is wanting a ban on Ammo & why is he wanting to take our Guns & Ammo its cause he can tell his Terrorist friends & Family come on over to the Unitef States I took all these Infadalls Guns & Bullets away from them, Thats why!!!

  38. If We had not fought in one war from the 1940's & all those poor brave boys had not died for u we would have Had Hilter as our President & if The U.S dont stop Iran now obama will lets his terrorist friends over here if we didnt have ISIS it would be some one else

  39. Boehner is a 2 faced idiot, he tells the people one thing then sides with obammy the Republicans are no better than the Democrats are, they tell us what we want to hear then sides with his pocket book & obama ,Trader

  40. Edward Lobel I knew it! Anyone that can make sense of anything that comes from Pis-losi is an oozer of brain matter from the ears. Put a q-tip in them that looks nasty.

  41. she is just a spoilt little brat that cannot be the center of attention, and that is totally un-acceptable to this snot knose phony…..inagine what a tantrum she tossed when she lost the speaker`s hammer….and lost her private Air Force Jet and had to go back a few tiers of bitter humility…..Oh Woe Is Me, BOO HOO…I hate being # 780

  42. Edward Lobel How do you feel about Pis-losi? And don't you dare answer that question with your mouth full of crap. It's not very becoming. You LIU type nincompoop. LOL

  43. Edward Lobel Yea! If Jana Applebaum was a little smarter she still would not be as smart as you Ed. You're smart I can tell because you are a LIU type mush brain idiot.

  44. Edward Lobel you should move to Arab or Communist's country where you will learn fast how to love government for real. You are from the la-la land. If you think that our president doing good for you, YOU are Wrong! If you think it is right to speak to your enemy and turn back to your friend, you really need therapy. I would understand young people talking this non-sense, but you seems to be a grown up man, who did not learn about right or wrong.

  45. Nancy Pelosi is a National embarrassment. This person-in her 70's- is so over the hill that her peers shy away from her if the think they won't be caught turning their backs on her. A multimillionaire and hugh land owner- Nancy has no idea how average Americans live their lives. Her district in San Francisco is so Progressive that President Geo Bush would not dare walk down the street there. It is an insane-a asylum and Nancy is at home there and them with her so don't take anything she say's or does seriously. She lives for the camera to show off her multiple facelifts and other bodily parts. Cheers.

  46. Nancy Pelosi has been in Washington so long that she thinks she owns it. How dare you Nancy Pelosi to treat Benjamine Netanyahu that way. He is a much better person that you will ever be. You Nancy are a disgrace to America. You do not speak for we the people and it is way past time that you were put out to Pasture.

  47. Lanelle Valenzuela Yes lanelle, but this will going to happen. It is written in the prophecy. So please, stand with Israel no matter which country they are against even if it is your own country they are against, stand with Israel, because they are the Righteous and chosen by our Creator..

  48. Ed, you need to further your scope…I don't read any articles from our 'allies' about Darryl Issa…please show me the articles…and besides, I am from California and the only embarrassment is the trilogy of Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer…just ask the farmers in Central California what they think of those three 'ladies'

  49. Netanyahu's speech writers may have failed him in this area. Israel will not ever give up. And we will defend ourselves, no matter what. It did not come across that way. He could have included with the help of the USA somewhere in there. Anyway, he has two more weeks before he is gone, and Israel has a new prime minister

  50. I have long ago turned my back on her. She is in a position where she does not belong, to the detriment of our entire nation. But the people here deserve the type of government that they themselves vote for, for it reflects their own wayward natures.

    Remain apart as is necessary, and save yourselves.

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