Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
Ax used in the El Aroub Attack - April 14, 2016

An Arab terrorist armed with a hatchet attacked an IDF soldier in El Arub, which is between the Gush Etzion junction and Kiryat Arba. The attack happened early Thursday afternoon.

According to Hatzalah, the soldier was hit in the head, but was protected by his helmet and only lightly injured. The terrorist had been hiding in the bushes and attacked as the soldier passed by.


The terrorist was shot and killed by a second soldier who pumped 4 bullets into the terrorist.

Scene of terror attack in EL Arub – April 14, 2016

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  1. It isn't about worry about terrorists anymore. You have to worry about prosecution for defending your life in Israel. It is a crime. Not for nothing did Israel government disarm the population. The idea is to make them sitting ducks. Soldiers have order to shoot attackers in the legs not kill them.

  2. Horrible job telling this story. The overarching motivation for this attack, as are all attacks of this nature, is that this is a Muslim acting as an Orthodox Muslim, i.e., a Jihad attack. Characterizing this sub-vermin as an Arab is like saying that a Black man (if he were Black) attacked the soldier. It misses the entire story.

  3. Doroty Mehta There is islamization agenda by the muslims countris… and this agenda is to wipe of christians ,jews and non muslims living near islamic countries… their finance comes from countries like nigeria , KSA, iran ,UK , even USA the world Bank cant say they dont see the T/T wired to islamist.. and USA AND UK Cant say That they Dont see WEAPONS BUILT ,SOLD AND TRANSPORTED!!! UNTILL WHEN WILL ISREAL TAKE BACK THE MANTEL OF LEADERSHIP ? UNTIL YOU COME OUT TO AID YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS THAT IS ALL OVER THE WORLD… THEN WILL YOU CONQUERER THIS EVIL EMPIRE…!!!

  4. Tochukwu Vincent Okoye Fully aware politicians and SUPPLIERS. along with their world agenda. Am a clued and international writer. Until realisation hits people what is happening and people start to take back their own countries, there is little one can do. World is on a slippery slope at present. There are no strong humanitarian leaders, only corrupt ones.

  5. I taught English as a Second Language to adults for 10 years in the USA. Among my students from 47 countries, some were refugees or immigrated under other visas from Macedonia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Chad, and I think a couple of other places because as Christians, Hindus, or Animists they were being harrassed by Muslims. This is a problem that is NOT related to Israel and is NOT "a few disaffected people."

  6. To those who undermind Netanyahu, thier subordinates will then begin to undermind them. God put Netanyahu in that position for a reason a good reason. we have to trust his decisions. Those who refuse will ben be treated the same by those who oppose them. God is always fair to his children even in his discipline.

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