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Gas, Fuel Deliveries to Gaza Banned Until Hamas Ends Arson Attacks on Israel, Border...

"The return of the Kerem Shalom Crossing to full operation is dependent upon a total end to the balloon launches and clashes on the border."

Canada Postal Workers’ Union Aligns With Terror-Loving PA Postal Union

The PPSWU twice glorified Hamas terrorist Ahmad Nasr Jarrar on its official Facebook page, praising the killer as a “hero of my country.”

IDF Message to Gaza: Hamas Sends You Every Week to Die on the Fence

"Instead of investing money in workplaces, electricity and water, it exploits you and attacks you in violent ways."

Gaza Terror Balloon Reaches Be’er Sheva

Sappers closed off Ringelblum Street and evacuated curious onlookers until the bomb squad had completed its work.

Israeli Firefighters No Longer Battling Terror Fires Alone: US Firefighters to the Rescue

The volunteers are participants in the Emergency Volunteers Project, which brings medical and rescue personnel to Israel.

IDF Shuts Hamas-Affiliated TV, Detains Manager, 4 Journalists

The forces, from the Binyamin and Efraim regional divisions, also raided the Hamas student cell, which incites terror in the universities in Hebron.

Eight Fires Sear Gaza Border Region

Firefighting crews were still battling flames in the early evening hours.

Hamas Lying Over IDF Gaza Strike, Reported Deaths, Says Military

"I challenge the Hamas Health Ministry to reveal what is the real cause of the explosion.”

Navy Intercepts and Diverts European Boat Trying to Break Gaza Blockade

The boat will be sold and the money transferred to victims of Arab terror.

Arabs Report 2 Dead in Israeli Gaza Strike, IDF Spokesperson Doubtful

"Many testimonies from the Gaza Strip cast doubt on the credibility of the Hamas Health Ministry's announcement."

Hamas Chief Trying Desperately to Get Arab Rulers’ Attention to His Plight

Haniyeh's choice for his plea for is interesting, since the Kuwaiti and Moroccan leaders are among the least sympathetic to the plight of his people in the Arab world.

Israel Cooperated to Secure Trump’s Prisoners Deal with Erdogan, But the Turks Cheated

Israel deported the Turkish terror suspect on July 15, a week after indicting her for ties to Hamas.

Hamas Praises Terror Attack in Adam

"This was a response to Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people," Hamas claims.

Helium, Balloons and More Added to Gaza Dual-Use Goods List

Helium, balloons and "inflatable rubber products" -- including condoms, oddly -- have all been used to launch arson terror attacks on Israel since March.

Family of Israeli in Hamas Captivity Sent Pleading Video

Physicians for Human Rights–Israel (PHR) on Wednesday revealed that at the end of 2016, at the request of Avera Mengistu's family and on its...

Hamas: The Enemy Will Pay a Heavy Price for the Death of our People

The IDF attacked seven Hamas positions with tank fire in retaliation for a sniper wounding a soldier, and the Gaza Health Ministry reported three dead and one seriously wounded as a result.

Overnight, One Iron Dome Intercepts, Nine Projectiles Launched

Most of the enemy projectiles fell in open areas near the Gaza border.

Defense, Security Heads Meet to Decide Next Move in Gaza

A group of 20 young Gazans acted as decoys to lure IDF soldiers into a position where a Hamas sniper could easily shoot one -- and did.

Code Red Sirens Activate in Gaza Belt Region

The sirens were triggered late Wednesday night in the Sha'ar HaNegev and Sdot Negev Regional Council districts.

Cleared for Publication: IDF Officer Wounded by Gaza Sniper Fire

The officer was trying to tell Gaza kids to move away from the fence when he was hit by the sniper fire.

Hamas Terrorists Killed in Clashes Near Kissufim

At least four terrorists have been killed according to local sources.

UN Passes EU Condemnation of Hamas Withholding Israeli Soldiers’ Bodies

“For four years, Hamas has withheld the bodies of Israeli soldiers and denied their families any information about their situation in violation of international law."

Israeli NGO to Sue Haniyeh, Abbas, at Hague Criminal Court

The leaders of Hamas and the PA are responsible for a series of human rights violations, torture and ongoing abuse of the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank.

Gaza’s Sole Power Station Shuts Down

Gazans will receive around four hours of electricity a day, or as close to that allocation as possible, the official said.

Reopening of Kerem Shalom Border Crossing Postponed

Despite the ceasefire, Hamas has already returned to launching arson kites and incendiary helium balloons at the Jewish State.

IDF Attacks Firebomb Balloon Launchers in Northern Gaza

This is the second attack of a balloon squad within two days, following a commitment by Hamas to halt all such activities.

Kerem Shalom to Reopen Tuesday ‘If Calm Continues’

Kerem Shalom has remained active for deliveries of food and medicine throughout all the closures.

IDF Shoots a Fire-Balloon Terrorist

As of Sunday morning, the Gazans have sent over at least 44 fire-balloons into Israel and started 8 fires.

Hamas Terrorist Used .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

Due to the size of the caliber and the close range, the bullet was able to penetrate Levi's ceramic chest armor.


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