Gaza’s Sole Power Station Shuts Down

Gazans will receive around four hours of electricity a day, or as close to that allocation as possible, the official said.

Reopening of Kerem Shalom Border Crossing Postponed

Despite the ceasefire, Hamas has already returned to launching arson kites and incendiary helium balloons at the Jewish State.

IDF Attacks Firebomb Balloon Launchers in Northern Gaza

This is the second attack of a balloon squad within two days, following a commitment by Hamas to halt all such activities.

Kerem Shalom to Reopen Tuesday ‘If Calm Continues’

Kerem Shalom has remained active for deliveries of food and medicine throughout all the closures.

IDF Shoots a Fire-Balloon Terrorist

As of Sunday morning, the Gazans have sent over at least 44 fire-balloons into Israel and started 8 fires.

Hamas Terrorist Used .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

Due to the size of the caliber and the close range, the bullet was able to penetrate Levi's ceramic chest armor.

Ceasefire Announced Between Israel and Hamas (video)

The ceasefire was to take effect at midnight Friday night Jerusalem time.

US Peace Team Calls on Hamas to Focus on Improving Gaza, Not Destroying Israel

Response by Hamas: "Greenblatt and Kushner have adopted the Israeli position."

Rocket Fire Returns to Southern Israel from Gaza

The IDF ordered the closure of Zikkim Beach on Friday due to the security threat.

Israel Retaliates, Ferociously, After IDF Soldier Killed by Hamas Sniper

Israeli jets retaliated against Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip. "They were warned," tweeted IDF Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus.

Surprise! Hamas Breaks Its Promise to End Arson Attacks

"Israel is battling hundreds of fires," wrote the IDF Spokesperson, "but not because of drought."

Rocket Lands Near Cow Shed, IDF-Hamas Clashes Continuing

The attack came shortly after a clash between terrorists and IDF soldiers at the southern border with Gaza.

Hamas Calls Israel a ‘Cancer,’ Plans to Decapitate Netanyahu, Liberman

The reference to Israel as a "cancer" is a direct steal from Iranian rhetoric.

IDF Eliminates Hamas Arson Squad Leader

An IDF drone attacked the terror cell, killing one and injuring three others.

Goldin Family Calls On EU To Pressure Hamas Into Returning Bodies Of Missing Soldiers

The Goldins asked the EU to punish Hamas for refusing to divulge information about the fallen and living hostages held by Hamas.

Al Quds: Hamas to Gradually Reduce Incendiary Attacks Fearing Massive Retaliation

Egypt pointed out the need to stop these attacks to prevent Israel from justifying the launch of a major military attack.

Israeli School Yards Set Ablaze by Gaza Terror Balloons

"Children should play with balloons, not have their lives threatened by them."

Israel Edging Closer to War as Netanyahu, Defense & Security Brass Convene for Assessment

"It would be worthwhile [for Hamas] to pay attention, not only to what we are saying, but to what we are doing."

Kerem Shalom, Rafah Crossings Closed, Except for Food, Medicine

As of Tuesday morning, the passage of goods between Israel and the Gaza Strip will be blocked, save for food and medicine, in retaliation...

UN’s Mladenov Appeals to Israel ‘Not to Shoot Children’

"I appeal to Israel, to be very restrained in its responses to the situation in Gaza. I appeal to snipers not to shoot children."

Gaza Arson Attacks Blacken More Israeli Forest, Park & Farmland

A total of seven fires were set in the Eshkol Regional Council district alone on Monday.

Iron Dome Intercepts Another Rocket Heading for Sderot

The warning siren, which was triggered at around 5:39 pm, was activated in Jewish communities ranging from Sderot all along the Ashkelon coastal region.

Gazans Torture Falcons to Carry Flames to Israel

COGAT: "Apparently it’s not enough to destroy nature with kites; now falcons are being used for terror as well."

PBS Interview Reveals Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Knows Nothing about Israel

On May 14, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newest star of the leftwing of the Democratic party, tweeted, in reaction to an Al Jazeera story on...


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