Incendiary Balloon Battle Strategy Spreading Across Palestinian Authority

Barely two weeks ago, incendiary balloons landed in another Jewish community near Jerusalem and in one at the heart of Gush Etzion, also in central Israel.

Despite Escalating Daily Riots, Firebombing, IDF Insists It Is in Control of Gaza Border

Despite the unceasing, daily riots, Israel's political echelon approved the passage of fuel trucks from Qatar into the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing on Tuesday.

Qatari Fuel Arrives at Gaza Border Crossing

The Palestinian Authority may not let the fuel trucks into Gaza.

Gaza Arabs Torch IDF Military Post Near Zikkim, South of Ashkelon

Some attackers managed to breach the border and set fire to an IDF military post while others hurled explosives, burning tires, hand grenades, Molotov cocktails and rocks at Israeli soldiers.

Incendiary Balloons Reach Northwest Negev Forest

Since March 30, at least 8,000 acres of forest land and agricultural farmland has been destroyed due to Gaza arson terror.

Accusing Abbas of Derailing Gaza Talks, Egypt May End Mediation

Egyptian intelligence officials are considering withdrawing from the delicate diplomatic efforts to restore calm to the Gaza Strip and to mediate inter-Palestinian reconciliation.

Explosive Device Lands in Southern Israel Avocado Field

Security personnel summoned the bomb squad to defuse the explosive.

Israeli Air Strike Targets Incendiary Balloon Terror Cell in Gaza

Attacks on southern Israel – and other areas of the country as well – with incendiary balloons carrying explosive devices, have been increasing.

Israel Strikes in Gaza as Border Violence Escalates

At least 10 armed terrorists managed to infiltrate through the security fence, but were "greeted" by IDF soldiers when they emerged on to Israeli territory.

Defense Minister Reduces Gaza Fishing Zone After Border Violence

“The defense minister’s decision was made following the violent rioting over the weekend near the [security] fence and attempts to harm IDF forces and launch confrontational flotillas."

Blaze in Southern Israel Sparked by Hamas Arson Terror

“Since this is a landfill fire, it could burn for several days, and the smoke will continue spreading in accordance with the direction of the wind."

Report: Abbas Seeking Escalation as Thousands Riot in Gaza

Some 20,000 Arabs rioted on Shabbat at several locations along the Gaza Strip border fence, torching tires and throwing explosive charges at IDF soldiers.

Deputy Defense Minister: Sinwar’s Peace Talk Is a Lie, He Is in Our Cross-Hairs

"Stop the riots and attempts to penetrate the border fence, and most importantly – erases the call to destroy Israel from the Hamas charter," Ben Dahan said.

Liberman: Hamas Should Be Warned It’s Now After the Holidays

Liberman is in a fight for his job with his archenemies within the coalition, Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

Hamas Boss: If There’s No Deal by Mid-October, Everyone Is Going to Suffer

“Sinwar is in the front row of terrorists who want Israel gone.”

Armed Gazans Infiltrate Border

IDF soldiers arrested the suspects when they reached the Israeli side of the border.

‘Work Accident’ Reported in Gaza

The explosion reportedly took place at a Hamas terrorist base located east of Deir al-Bala, in central Gaza.

Conservative Minister Attacks ‘Moscow-loving, Hamas-hugging’ Corbyn

Gove said that "Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party is a toxic cocktail of unrepentant Marxism-Leninism and unacceptable anti-Semitism."

Gaza Appreciates UNRWA: Death Threats, Harassment Prompt Swift Escape for Top Staff

“The Hamas terrorist organization did not protect the agency’s staff from the violence directed against them.”

93 Injured as Gazan Fishermen Attempt to Break through Naval Blockade

Also on Monday, the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel announced a general strike.

Bennett: Liberman-Hamas Agreements Failed

"In the past few days, we have witnessed the dangerous results of the defense minister's policy of restraint and weakness in the Gaza Strip – more restraint, more terrorism," Bennett said.

IDF Destroys More than 100 Grenades Thrown by Gaza Rioters

"Hamas continues its terrorist activities along the Gaza Strip, cynically using Gaza residents and endangering children sent to the fence as a cover for terrorist activities."

Incendiary Balloon Reaches Rosh Tzurim, Jewish Community in Heart of Gush Etzion

It's not yet clear where the terrorist cell behind the balloon launch was based, since Gush Etzion is quite a distance from Gaza.

Netanyahu, Al Sisi, Discuss Long-Term Truce with Hamas the US Rejected

“Cairo tried to convince Washington but it didn’t work."

World Bank Reports Gaza Economy in Collapse

The World Bank press release does not mention Hamas, possibly because the authors take it for granted that Hamas is the chief culprit in the demise of Gaza's economy, so there's no need to mention it.

Gaza Arson Balloons Destroy More Israeli Forestland During Sukkot

At least eight fires were lit on Monday as a result of the arsonists who launched balloons attached to Molotov cocktails and explosive devices over the southern border.

Hamas-Linked PRC Terrorist Killed During Gaza Border Violence

Thousands of Hamas-led Gaza residents stormed the security fence in another attempt to breach the border, hurling flaming tires, rocks and explosives at IDF soldiers.

IDF Targets Terror Arsonists in Gaza Amid Border Clashes, Balloon Attacks

Incidents at the border have increased from weekly events to near-daily attacks. The number of Gaza Arabs attempting to storm the security fence and the number of arson attacks is also on the rise.

Gaza Terror Balloons Continue to Start Fires in Southern Israel

“We again turn to the public to act with extreme care whenever suspicious objects are detected, and to call police headquarters,” warned Israel Police in a statement.

Terrorists Infiltrate Southern Israeli Border on Yom Kippur, Then Leave

Two infiltrators were arrested in southern Gaza; both were handed over to security personnel for interrogation.


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