Photo Credit: Arab social media
Islamic Jihad senior member Mahdi al-Sharqawi

PA Arab media reported early Monday morning that Israeli security forces overnight Monday arrested a senior member of the Islamic Jihad, Mahdi al-Sharqawi, in a raid on his home in the town of a-Zabada, south of Jenin.

According to al-Quds, a young man named Jibril Kamal was killed and several other Arabs were injured Monday morning by Israeli forces that raided the Aqabat Jaber camp in Jericho. Six PA Arabs, including one woman, were wounded.


According to Kan 11 News, the man who was killed opened fire at the IDF forces, and the wounded woman was injured when she stood close to a door that was blown open. She was turned over to the Red Crescent for treatment.

The IDF stated that the security forces entered the refugee camp to arrest a squad that was suspected of planning an attack.

The Islamic Jihad commented early Monday morning on the arrest of its leader Mahdi al-Sharqawi, saying his arrest “will not undermine the determination of our people and our free Mujahideen.”

Spokesman Ezz El-Din said the Islamic Jihad Movement saluted Sheikh al-Sharqawi, adding: “We will continue the journey, God willing, and we will not back down from our right to freedom.”


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