Photo Credit: Screenshot
Janna Tamimi cursing out IDF soldiers

Janna Tamimi, a.k.a. Jana Jihad, 12, the younger cousin of Ahad Tamimi who has been convicted in a plea bargain and is serving eight months for assaulting IDF soldiers, has taken up the mantle of harassment last Friday in her village of Nabi Salah, cursing out soldiers.

Janna Tamimi (L) with her cousin Ahed on TV / Screenshot

As is customary in her family, Janna stands very close to the soldiers, enjoying the freedom to curse young men who would not dare touch her because IDF soldiers don’t hit 12-year-old children, even the crazy ones.


Janna “Jihad” Tamimi has been a regular, along with her cousin, on these harassment details. Last Friday she delivered her curses IDF soldiers who had entered the village after reports of stone-throwing.

Incidentally, according to her plea bargain, cousin Ahed stands to get her sentence reduced by a third for… wait for it… good behavior. This means she’ll be out in early May, having been jailed December 19. If she doesn’t exercise good behavior, Ahed will rejoin her cousin on June 19.