Arab Firebomb Attack Near Northern Entrance to Efrat

Efrat is located about 10 minutes south of Jerusalem.

Israel’s Rafael Unveils New Smart Bunker Buster

The new projectile, named Rocks, is an advanced, stand-off range air-to-surface missile, which can be launched at a distance sufficient to allow attacking personnel to evade defensive fire from the target area.

Terrorist Gets 30 Years for Causing Israeli’s Death

Eliav Gelman was standing at a hitchhiking station at the Gush Etzion Junction when the terrorist attempted to stab some other people.

IAI Introduces Suicide Drone

They loiter the sky until the threat is detected. Upon detection, the systems locks in on the threat and attacks it for a quick, lethal closure.

IDF Soldier Injured During Overnight Counter-Terrorism Op

The mission was to eliminate stone and Molotov cocktail throwing, and to enable safe travel on the roads.

Israel Launches World’s First Cyber Hotline for Victims of Hacker Attacks

“A cyber attack may not be limited only to property or financial damage. It can also threaten lives.”

Arab Smugglers’ Route to Arad Valley Disrupted by Regavim, Says Court

"The Israeli government must create another specialized enforcement unit, like the Yoav Unit in the Negev, in order to stop strategic maneuvers of this kind before it's too late."

IDF Tanks Attack Hamas Positions in Retaliation for Soldier’s Wounds

The violence at the border was part of a Hamas operation the terror group called "Night Confusion."

IDF Soldier Wounded by Terrorists at Gaza Border

The wounded soldier was evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

Security Cabinet Deducts Half A Billion Shekels From PA Tax Funds

Security officials presented data showing that in 2018, the Palestinian Authority transferred the above-stated amount to terrorists imprisoned in Israel and their families and to released prisoners.

6 Terrorist Suspects Arrested in Overnight Raid

In a separate military operation the same night, IDF soldiers seized a cache of illegal weapons in the Arab village of As Samu.

Stabbing Attack in Gilo

The wounded man was transported to Sharei Tzedek Medical Center.

2 Injured in Samaria Stoning Attack

The driver of the bus and a passenger were both injured by flying shards of glass when the windshield was smashed in the attack.

Watch: IDF Officer Wounded in Gaza Border Violence

At least 11,000 Hamas-led Arabs took part in attacks on IDF soldiers and attempts to damage the security fence along the Gaza border.

Nasrallah: Arabs Collaborate in Warsaw Conference to Normalize Israel, Abandon ‘Palestinians’

Nasrallah also denied claims that Hezbollah has cells in Latin America, while stressing his support for Venezuela.

Terror on the Roads of Judea, Samaria

Stoning and firebombing attacks took place Thursday evening on the roads in Samaria.

IDF, USAF Complete 2019 Juniper Falcon Military Exercise

Juniper Falcon is intended to increase coordination and familiarity between the two forces, as well as tighten their ability to comply with orders and procedures during emergencies.

Knife Wielding Terrorist Captured at Lebanese Border

The terrorist was arrested and transferred for interrogation by security forces.

Military Rabbi Checking Unit’s Eruv Foiled Terrorist Attack

During his inspection tour, Rabbi Shenrav noticed two suspicious individuals hiding on the slope below the post.

Netanyahu Confirms Israel Attacked Iran in Syria This Week

"The missiles that you see behind me can go very far, against any enemy, including Iran's proxies in our region."

Report: Hamas Arrests ‘Dozens’ of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Operatives in Gaza

PIJ has challenged the authority of Hamas over the enclave in the past six months.

Shin Bet Exposes Hamas Recruiting Network in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem

Aware that operatives of Hamas’ military wing use Al Aqsa TV for terrorist purposes, the IDF launched an air strike on the channel’s studios in the Gaza Strip on November 12, 2018.

Netanyahu, Nasrallah, Exchange Very Public Messages over Israel’s Strategy in Syria

Opening a second front against Israel is an old Hezbollah dream, and now that the terror group's fighters are back from the Syrian front, Nasrallah et al are trying to revive it.

Syria Claims IDF Attacked Iranian Hezbollah Targets in Quneitra

It was the first shelling on regime positions along the Golan Heights since mid-2018.

IDF Broadens Project that Boosts Arab Business in Hebron Area

The Door to Door Project was launched for the purpose of helping Arab business people transfer their merchandise from Judea and Samaria to other areas in Israel directly and quickly and at a low cost.


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