Photo Credit: Sliman Khader / Flash 90
Thousands of Muslims perform prayers on the first Friday in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. June 4, 2017

The Islamic Waqf Authority in Jerusalem made a dramatic announcement on Monday after restraining orders were delivered by Jerusalem Police to senior Waqf officials, distancing them from the Temple Mount.

No one is to enter the Temple Mount for Friday prayers in order to protest the actions of the Jerusalem Police, the Islamic Waqf ordered.


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The intention of the call is to gather the faithful to pray together with the Waqf leaders who were distanced, outside the gates of the Temple Mount instead, rather than inside the compound without them.

The same message was sent out by the Waqf Authority after metal detectors were placed at the entrance to the holy site by Israeli security personnel last summer following a terrorist attack that left two police officers dead in the compound.

Increased tensions are expected at the site as a result of the call that was issued by the Waqf.