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Moussa Alkam, father of terrorist Khaire Alkam who murdered 7 Jews and 1 Ukrainian woman in a terror attack Saturday night, seen at his home in A-Tur, Jerusalem, before it was sealed for demolition January 28, 2023.

Shin Bet representatives who were present at a confidential hearing a week ago, expressed their support for a law allowing revocation of the citizenship or residency of a terrorist, and he or she receives financial remuneration from the Palestinian Authority – they could be deported there, Kan 11 reported Sunday morning.

According to MKs who participated in the hearing, the fact that the Shin Bet favors deportations should improve the chances of such a bill being submitted, countering the arguments of the AG representatives who claimed that it was “problematic.”


The inclusion of the PA salary clause is intended to overcome an interpretation of the 1949 Geneva Convention that views Judea and Samaria as a military occupation territory. Of course, a reading of the convention that was held by several US administrations including Reagan and Clinton sees the area as a disputed territory, seeing as by the time Israel took it over there was no internationally recognized government there. For all intents and purposes, Israel took over a no man’s land. But go explain that to Israel’s AG.

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