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Yearly Archives: 2018

Iran Blames US, Saudi Arabia & Israel for Deadly Attack on Military Parade

Iranian security forces shot and killed three of the terrorists and arrested a fourth, according to the news agencies. The fourth succumbed to his wounds shortly after.

If Recognized by Israel, Kosovo Would Open Embassy in Jerusalem

According to a 2011 Census, 95.6% of the population of Kosovo are Muslim.

Gal Gadot to Play Self on The Simpsons

Gadot tweeted: I grew up watching The Simpsons and now I get to voice myself in an episode! Stay tuned..."

Dozens Killed in Attack on Iranian Military Parade

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif issued a statement holding the United States accountable for the deadly attack.

Avoiding Zipline Disasters

As it turned out, Mordy and Yissachar were the very last people who wanted to go on the zipline that day. Mordy went first and had a great time until…

G-d’s love

There are so many examples of something that looks harsh or not pleasant when in fact it is for the benefit of the individual suffering.

Thanks For The Set!

The rights Rosen won for Jews included the right to emigrate, and he oversaw a tremendous exodus of some 400,000 Romanian Jews to Eretz Yisrael and elsewhere.

Jewish Press Wins One For Transparency

The request for the information was made to the Department of Education in May of 2017 but Department officials failed to comply.

Jared Kushner Interview

He referenced the open secret that most of the aid for Palestinian causes was misspent anyway.

What’s With Putin And Israel?

According to the Associated Press, Israel had claimed that on Monday its fighter jets were on a mission targeting a Syrian military facility involved in supplying weapons to Hezbollah.

The Russian Documents Release

President Trump has just ordered the documents to be declassified and this is truly a story with legs.

Yom Kippur Airlines

On Sukkos, we shake a lulav, esrog, haddasim, and aravos, symbolizing all Jews, from saints to sinners. We have to interact with all of them. Some may challenge us and even trigger anger and resentment, yet Hashem expects us, af al pi kein, to stand together.

Elbit Gets $173 Million Contract for Naval Weapon Stations to Unnamed Asia-Pacific Country

Under the contract, Elbit Systems will provide lightweight, fully stabilized dual-axis Naval RCWS to be installed onboard a wide range of vessels.

Rabbi Eliyahu: Buying Lulavim from Gaza a Mitzvah Fulfilled through Transgression

"It is forbidden to provide a livelihood to the villains of Gaza at the expense of the farmers who suffer from their persecution."

Exhibition Supports Claims of Polish Embassy Saving Hundreds of Jews

It is estimated that the Bernese group produced several hundred to several thousand fake passports between 1941 and 1943.

Israel’s All-Terrain EZRaiders Latest Law Enforcement Rage

Israel Police this year has been purchasing the four-wheel tactical electric vehicles to carry fighters and equipment in difficult terrain.

Why Equality Doesn’t Belong in the Nation-State Law

being a democracy isn’t Israel’s raison d’être; Israel’s raison d’être is that it’s the world’s only Jewish state

Polish Synagogue Attacked During Prayers on Yom Kippur

“I apologize to the Jewish community of Gdansk. In the city of Freedom and Solidarity, we respect all religions and do not accept acts of hooliganism," the mayor said.

Anti-Semitism Strikes Again in Paris, France

The residents arrived home to find that their door had been neatly defaced with black writing on the left and right, with the words: HERE LIVES JEWISH TRASH.

India Oil Firm Cancels Imports from Iran

The company is ending the relationship in order to keep its insurance coverage once new sanctions against Iran by the United States take effect.

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