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A Jewish Eton, Pre-1948 Transfer, And Chinese Esrogim – An Interview With Rabbi Dr....

Today it seems strange, but in those days, the 1950s, even rabbis didn’t always go around England with yarmulkes on.

The Bernice Chronicles: The Schwartzes Of Teaneck

Living more than two miles from the only Orthodox shul in Teaneck, the family joined the Conservative Teaneck Jewish Center a few blocks away.

Assemblyman Simanowitz Remembered For Honesty, Intellect, And Passion For Jewish Causes

Mike was very proud of being an Orthodox Jew” recalled Jeff Leb, president and founder of the lobbying firm Capitol Consulting.

Israeli Volunteers Help Evacuees In Texas

Our team is working together with the Red Cross, the psychological department of the hospital team that is here, and with the children’s department...

Good Grief: Learning To Cope With Tragedy

As with most problems in her life, Sandberg approached this one logically. She asked her esteemed friends who are world renowned psychologists and professors for a plan.

The Power Of Truth

The man was still unconvinced, but he went to the room he rented and hoped that Rabi Shimon was correct.

The Son Who Meant Well

When Rav saw that his wife was serving him what he really wanted, he was amazed and constantly surprised.

Bring on the Simanim!

Maybe it is the advent of social media, but today we often hear about various customs others practice and many of us have taken on those minhagim as well.

Anticipating The Geulah

Are we not walking down the road to redemption?

The Blues, The Grays…And The Reds

The authors proved proved without doubt that Samuel Dickstein was corrupt and a traitor to our country and was on the payroll of the Soviet government, engaged in spying on the American government

‘No-ing’ vs. ‘Knowing’

Don't assume that the "no" from a doctor is based on "know"ledge.

Rivka Levy: A Religious Jewish Woman

Living in the Holy Land inspired them to rethink the way they were keeping Hashem's mitzvos.

Dear Dr. Yael

Children learn more from what we do than from what we say.

Inspiration Through Creativity: Two Jewish Women In Art

In Jewish culture, art often takes on a holy purpose. For many Jewish artists, creating is a spiritual experience for them and their audiences.

Kidnapped As A Teenager By The KGB

The terrifying and inspiring true story of the challenges faced by a young Soviet girl whose intentions were to join her father by making aliya to Israel.

Will Zehut Make It?

Israeli politics no longer represents ideas – just people and political camps. We are a personal-level democracy, but an ideological dictatorship. We are invited to vote for many people. But we can choose only one idea. In contrast, we offer ZEHUT

Rising Above Aggravation

Rebbetzin Jungreis, a”h, sharing a memory of international intrigue, delays challenges, and ultimately, a magnificent and inspiring Shabbat.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?: Marriage Is Not Just Another Transactional Relationship

Man cannot experience true meaning and purpose unless he brings joy to others. He is not exempt from military service simply because he is a newlywed but in order to bring happiness to his new bride, specifically during the challenging first year--shana rishona.

Prime Time Prayer

On that Yom Kippur, the shattered pieces of God’s faith in the Jews were restored and the twin tablets of their eternal relationship renewed

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