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Trump Vs. Netanyahu

The architect of the Oslo Accords, Dr. Ron Pundak, explicitly admitted the entire purpose of the Oslo Accords was to make Israel a state of all its citizens instead of a Jewish state.

In the Throes Of John Lennon’s Hit Song

The key word for understanding all much of the world's madness is “identity.” We are experiencing a war against all identity and all essence. It is a world war, but here in Israel it is the most extreme.

Why Are Israeli Patients Hitting Nurses?

The awful people who hit nurses do so because Israel, since its founding, has fostered a socialist culture that transfers all responsibility to the state--everyone competes for the attention of the system

Insubordination Will Save Israel

Most of the IDF soldiers killed over the last few years were killed because the IDF prefers to protect the lives of a hostile population rather than the lives of its own soldiers. This is absolutely terrible.

Nobody Is Talking About Justice

how do we defeat an enemy that claims 'Jaffa is mine?' By answering,'Gaza is ours.' Historically, ethically, and according to our faith – it is ours alone. But as long as we are incapable of uttering this truth – as long as we remain pragmatic – their kites will continue to defeat our F-35s.

Where Will The Arabs Go?

Next time someone asks, “But where will the Palestinians go??” give them this article and tell them about a straight swap on population transfer.

Nine Ideas For The Nine Days

#1 on the Top 9 list for the 9 Days: 1) Say "yes" to living a meaningful Nine Days. Don’t be bitter, mad, and depressed. Don’t focus on the negative and how many hot dogs you could have consumed. These are very special days and you need to focus on the positive. Rad the remaining 8...

A Mockery Of Justice

When Gazan Arabs prepare fire-balloons, our hairsplitting legal advisors prohibit the IDF from shooting at them so that no legal rule is undermined, Heaven forbid. But when it comes to the hilltop youth, then “the roof will fall on our heads” (Bennett) if we do not throw all their basic human rights and every possible law to the wind.

End The Draft

Only about 50 %of those eligible actually enlist in the IDF and less than 5% do reserve duty. The IDF may have been a people’s army and the melting pot in the first decades after Israel was established, but it does not reflect reality anymore.

Creating New Jewish Leadership

Tackling the big issues: Who’s responsible For Netiv Ha’avot’s destruction ultimately?
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Dynamite Doves? Blazing Butterflies?

When Israel recognized a foreign nation's supposed right to the land of Israel, it turned itself into a colonialist state and the terrorists who launch the rockets, mortars, and terror kites into freedom fighters.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Creating New Jewish Leadership

A radically innovative approach to Israel's present military approach to Gaza and the Palestinians.

Selective Horror

It is good to bring police brutality out in the open but has anyone heard media discussing the tens of youths who were tortured and never indicted over the supposed attack on Duma? Don’t the continued arsons in Duma demand the release of the detained youths?
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Torah Flowing Through Our Cultural Veins

We salute the IDF and Netanyahu for their decisive roles in the events of the past week. But we must embark upon a strategy of triumph. If we do not do so, President Trump will want to make "peace." Remember Oslo?
MK Moshe-Feiglin

The Mask Is Off

When Israel is attacked, the world forgives the attackers because, after all, what are we doing here in the first place? In order to win, we must possess a different kind of justification –one that relies on truth.

Feiglin on Pres. Trump’s Withdrawal of US from the Nuclear Deal with Iran

Regardless that the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement was best thing that could have happened to Israel, we must stop passing the responsibility for our own defense.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Hamas, Abandoned Bodies, And A Cynical Calculation

The calculus of Israel's politicians today is that it is easier to deal with the pressure from the family of fallen soldier Hadar Goldin, and to hold out a bit longer until the next round of fighting than it is to confront Hamas.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Just The Facts

Oslo, the "gift" that keeps on taking.

Taking On Netanyahu

There are those who want to remain in servitude to Oslo, to the Left, or to Netanyahu – who gets votes by saying the Arabs are running to the polling booths… and then destroys Amona.

Stop Going To Poland

Visiting the places where the horrors were perpetrated certainly benefits our short-term memory of the Holocaust, but we disconnect from the fact that the people of the country we are visiting slaughtered our parents.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Israel Needs Capitalism, Not Socialism

The Negev was not allocated for free to whoever was willing to build and farm them (as was the practice in the US and Australia). They were settled quite successfully, however – by the Bedouins, who do not understand how socialism works and simply took the land!

Gain An Embassy, Lose A Capital

Zionism does not want the Old City of Jerusalem. Trump understands that and now we are beginning to hear hints of his Peace Plan. What does his plan include? The internationalization of Jerusalem--We get the embassy and we lose Jerusalem, G-d forbid. That is the danger.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Israel First

Feiglin on some of Israel's hot-button topics

Creating New Jewish Leadership

If Netanyahu’s name were Shimon Peres or Ehud Barak, none of these affairs would ever have been publicized or investigated. This is not about corruption. It’s about politics.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

A Political Putsch

I think that Netanyahu should go home, but for the right reasons. Netanyahu should go home because he is a strategic danger to the state of Israel. He should not go home because of a political putsch by the Left.

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