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New York Times’ Tales of Israeli Messianic War-Mongering

NYT's Cohen fails 2 of Sharansky's “3 Ds” test for anti-Semitism: Demonization and Double- standards

The Flame Must Burn!

The only way to redeem Hanukah & resurrect its message is to destroy the false narrative of Hanukah

How Do We Stop The Third Intifada?

No solution will succeed predicated on the false premise established 20 years ago with Oslo Accords

Even Muslim Scholars Agree: Jerusalem Is Jewish

A fine thread running through many of our columns is that the legitimacy of Islam's religious claims to Jerusalem is in inverse proportion to...

Young American Jews Desperately Need An Attitude Overhaul

Too many of these young students are growing up in an era and atmosphere of extreme political correctness.

Today’s Inverted Chanukah: The Holiday of Rights in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria

This Hanukah the world again watches evil in the MidEast as Palestinians & ISIS slaughter "infidels"

Liberalism: Disease of the Mind, Sickness of the Soul

When Parisians are killed, Liberal Jews mourn; when Jews are killed in Hebron, they are silent.

The UN Can’t Support Israel’s Fight on Terrorism since it Considers Israel the Terrorists

The emotions evident in describing terror attacks around the globe is absent if Israelis are victims

Israel Will Prevail

After Oslo carnage on a Parisian scale was routine in Israel. Peres called it “sacrifices for peace”

J.K. Rowling’s Diadem

Surely too Rowling must know that Israel is the only country in the entire region whose laws do not “regard other sexualities as inferior.”

Reflections on Islam: Go Ask The Imams!

When Westerners declare Islam's the religion of "Peace," they tend to ignore Islam’s bloody history

Every Picture Tells a Story: Arab Injuries over Jewish Deaths

If the NY Times lives up to its motto "All the News That's Fit to Print," it does so hypocritically.

Post-Paris Musings From Jerusalem

Festivities are planned for laying a foundation-stone symbolizing a physical dividing of Jerusalem

It’s All Israel’s Fault

Who is to blame for the massacre in France? It is us, the Israelis. You may want to know why...

Reticence and Respectability: The RCA of 2015

The RCA should have been resolute years ago when the first “Rabbahs” & “Maharats” were ordained

Rick Jacobs’ Particular Reform Judaism

How can Rabbi Rick Jacobs advocate an anti-Semitic policy that is also directly against the bible?

Joe Biden’s Stabs a Finger at Israel

It has been official US policy under Obama administration to embarrass, berate & belittle Netanyahu.

Israel’s Leaders Need A Reality Check

Nothing short of publicly recognizing the entire land of Israel as God-given and using that as a starting point will change the treacherous course in which Israel finds itself.

Leadership Or Directionless Maneuvering?

The PM slammed more limitations on Jews entering the Temple Mount accelerating the current outburst.

Who’s a Terrorist according to the NY Times? The PKK or Hamas?

The New York Times surrounds Hamas with euphemisms and distortions

It’s All Because Of The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount is a huge power socket connecting to & powering the Israeli motor for 3 millennia

Why Not Just Divide Jerusalem?

Why do we need Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem? Why not divide the city and make a peace agreement?

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