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With the BDS movement gaining momentum, many on the Israeli Left are increasing their calls for negotiations under the premise of a two-state solution. In their minds, the two-state solution is the only practical solution that could end the international isolation of Israel and lead to peace. But in the midst of the exhausted political ping-pong of whether or not the two-state solution is actually viable, the most important question often goes unasked – what if they are wrong?

Despite the Left’s dogmatic insistence that there is no alternative to a two-state solution, they have yet to propose a plan – or even broach the subject – of how Israel can cope with a prospective situation where a peace agreement is made yet the Palestinians do not honor their promises. In the most volatile region in the world, it is foolhardy to presume that even if the current conditions are ripe for a two-state solution (and that is a big “if”), they will always remain so.


It is very easy to point accusatory fingers and claim that the current status quo is unsustainable, but a failed two-state solution could result in the potential economic and political demise of Israel. This past summer, we saw what a single rocket aimed at Ben-Gurion Airport can do to the Israeli economy, and what an incursion into Palestinian controlled territory can do to Israel’s international image.

Withdrawal is absolute. As we’ve seen in Judea & Samaria, Southern Lebanon, and Gaza, once Israel withdraws from territory there is no returning. A two-state solution (even one that excludes the major “settlement blocs”) would indisputably leave Israel more vulnerable to attacks and with no realistic opportunity of ever reverting back to pre-two-state solution borders.

Given this, those who so wholeheartedly push for the two-state solution need to be able to guarantee the Israeli public that Israel will possess the capability to adequately defend herself in the event that the Palestinians do not honor their agreements. Until now, no such guarantee has been made.

Most of those in favor of territorial concessions are not oblivious to the reality – they realize that Palestinian terror will not magically disappear with a peace deal; however, their belief that a two-state solution will cause Israel’s detractors to abandon their insidious obsession with the Jewish state is historically naive and not reassuring in the slightest. As we’ve seen in military conflicts in Lebanon and Gaza, “occupation” plays little to no importance in how Israel is perceived by the international community. Once Palestinian civilian casualties begin to accumulate as a result of an unavoidable military confrontation, any support that Israel had could very easily disappear.

What then? We, the Israeli people, deserve to know what will happen if that situation arises; if rockets are being shot on Ben-Gurion Airport and the world still condemns our “disproportionate” response; if terrorists from Qalqilya or Tulkarem shoot makeshift mortars on passengers travelling on Highway 6 – a mere few hundred kilometers away; if the BDS movement continues to press for boycotts and the right of return for millions of Palestinians.

Rather than dismissing the concerns and warnings that many have regarding the two-state solution as unwarranted, the advocates of such a peace deal must start being truthful about the negative repercussions that a deal of this magnitude could encompass. We cannot afford the Oslo Accords and Disengagement route of hollow assurances accompanied with no foresight or forward planning.

At the end of the day, we are being sold a very risky product with no warranty, insurance or possibility of exchange. Brazen and obstinate reassurances of the viability of the two-state solution are reckless and irresponsible; we need guarantees and concrete alternatives to a failed peace deal – not empty promises.


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Eyan Meyersdrof is an oleh from the United States. He served in the Golani Brigade in the IDF. He is currently studying political science at Bar-Ilan University and is the campus coordinator of the Im Tirtzu student movement.


  1. Of course they’re wrong. It’ll only work if the Palestinians actually want a land of their own. They’re doing much better living under Israel than they ever would if they had their own land. Look at all the other Arab countries.

  2. AIPAC a two state solution spells the death of Israel Judea and Samaria should be annexed Gaza retaken and Palestinian leaders arrested for supporting terrorism. Jews have suffered enough and you continue to gamble with the lives of the over 6 million Jews living in Israel Enough is Enough!!!!

  3. The Arab Palestinian leadership have decided quite publicly that there was no reason they should settle for a portion, when they can steal the whole. It has been clearly stated by the Arab leaders of Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah that the plan is to steal the whole territory through ethnic cleansing.

  4. The two state will not work because one is a law abiding peacefull state and the other is a lawless terrorist’s state. All those supporting it are wrong. This is a plan to form one state call Palestine. It will never work because it has never work before. God said “As long as you see the moon in the sky Israel will remain”
    God bless all the Jews and God bless Israel.

  5. Of course it is wrong… because Samaria & Judea belong to the Jewish People as Promised by G-D; because two state on such small territories is unsustainable; and because thealestinians don’t want it … they want ALL of Israel and nothing less … so who are we kidding?

  6. Look at what has happened here in the U.S. Free nations can exist by common ground and a peaceful inner sense of nationalism. You tell me what has really happened. To lie this time again won’t be productive. The truth is right for security and peace. Dialouge & diplomacy: non applicable.

  7. The nations don’t care. They were offered it in the beginning of the Jewish State and turned it down. Arafat was offered it he turned it down. They want you gone. There is no contingency plan. They think they will get it all eventually but I do believe God has a different plan and they aren’t going to like it.

  8. Israel’s history Israel was proclaimed the JEwish state on May 15 1948 after the Un resoluton of the 39 of November 1947 officialy and there was a UN resolution about a 2 state which one of them would be Jewish and the other Arab, the arabs did not accept that resolution and on the 16th of May 7 arab armies attacked the newborn state of Israel , after a long war Israel won and the arab armies returnes to their countries to lick their wounds, in 1956 the war began again agaisnt Egypt when the egyptian president expropriated the Suez canal from France and England, which asked the help of Israel to get back the Suez canal and lefft Israel alone in that war which was an act of treason by France and England, in 1967 the Sirians , jordanians and egyptians were planning another war and the Israeli secret service monitored and taped the conversation between the Sirian president, the egyptian president and the king of Jordan in which they talked about the inminent attack of Israel by their armies, the Israeli army under the guidance of Itzhack Rabin and the then secretary of defence Moshe Dayan attacked a preemptive attack on the Sirian and Egyptian air forces and destroyed bot air forces on the first day, Israel warned the Jordanian king not to attack Israel and he did not hear the warning and at the sixth day Israel had won taking back Samaria Jerusalem and judah from Jordan which allways were part of Israel , the peninsula of SInai from the egiptians and the Golan Hights from the Sirians, One day after the victory, the arabs living in Samaria and Judah changed their name to palestinians, a name so ficticious that it makes me laugh, the name palestine was given to the whole land of Israel by the Romans after the ROmans destroyed the second temple and called palestina the land of Israel and changed the name of Jerusalem to Illia CApitolina, then trough the centuries the land of Israel was known as palestine trough the whole world. In 1918 when the first world war ended, the then league of Nations gave the land of Israel, Jordan Egypt ,Saudi Arabia and Irak to the Brittish empire as a protectorate and mandate, and the btittish continued to call Israel palestine, not only that they were abusive and anti jewish, the Brittich published a series of anti jewish acts called the white books, in which they took many liberties and human rights from the jewish settlement that was growing , they forbid jewish emmigration to Israel and took away the small amount of arms the jewish settlement had to defend themselves form the arabs, in 1929 the arabs commited a massacre in the city of Hebron and killed almos all the jews living there for centuries, only 3 families escaped the massacre, THe brittish did not lift a finger to help the jews of Hebron and not only that they blamed the jews for that massacre. and this anti jewish policy continued untill the 15th of may 1948. before the Brittish left Israel they sold many arms ,tanks and airplanes to the arabs hoping the arabs would awamp the newly born state. On the october 1973, Egypt ans Siria attacked Israel opn one of the holliest days of the jewish nation, Yom Kippur, and Israel won again. The two state solution is not feasable, not with these so called palestinians, they are the worst kind of beings, terrorists, liers, troglodite and fanatic, how can you make peace with a group of people ( and I say group because they are not a nation) that kill children , women and elderly peersons, how can you make peace with a group of people that use their own children and elderly people and women as human shields? the same palestinians suffer at the hands of hamas and the PA everyday of course I mean those that are against those two entities, palestinian christians are constantly living under fear of reprisals and reprisals by the muslim palestinians, anyone that believes a two state solution is feasable should be put in an Asylum.

  9. There iIS currently a Two State solution in place.Gaza and Israel.Since they were given Gaza by Ariel Sharon, elements of the Palestinian State have used Gaza as a launch pad to further attack Israel with rockets.The fact they ‘re doing this proves they just want war with Israel.This also proves the two state solution is a myth and a smokescreen to try and destroy the Jewish State.

  10. Simple,it would complicated the current situation further. Undoubtedly, 2 legitimate states ,which would accept the a liveable ,albeit not a perfect option are preferable . Unfortunately,it seems clear that the palestinian side rejects it out of hand. Therefore ,no reason to speculate.

  11. Hey! MUHAMAMAD MUHAMMAD…do any of you ever think about taking any responsibility for turning Israels, Judea, and Samaria, into what you call…a ‘pile of rubble?’ if any of you really wanted a good life…you could have made one…you had the ability to build Gaza into a paradise, maybe something that might have rivaled Israel…maybe another Riviera…yet all of you choose to act like uncivilized creatures…don’t blame Israel, and don’t blame the Jews for your turning Gaza into a pile of rubble! the main, and seemingly ‘only activity’ that most appeals to the Gazans, is the total destruction of Israel…you want to bombard Israel with missles and expect no return fire? stop blaming Israel for your crappy, terrorist lead Gaza…Hamas was your choice…they’re the puppeteers, and you’re the puppets…take responsibilty!

  12. Hey Moe, from the very first day, we gave you the keys to the car and you deliberately wrapped it around a tree. You destroyed multimillion dollar greenhouses and other building structures just in spite. You voted for a World recognized terrorist organization as your government when you could have voted for anyone else. You fired the first shot after we peacefully relinquished control. Don’t blame us for your failures.

  13. There are two kinds Palestinians. The muslim and christians Palestinians. They are not the same. The Muslim Palestinian will allied themselves with gog and magog who will gather for battle against Israel . While the Holy Roman Catholic will allied themselves with Israel because the became Israel themselves by way of the New Covenant of the Blood of Christ.

  14. Netanyahu is right. There is nobody legitimate to negotiate for the Palestinians right now. The term for Abbas expired years ago. So did Hamas’s. Hamas has already stated that no matter what, they will never recognize Israel’s right to exist. Hamas, like Hizbollah, claims to be the Party of God, so no election legitimacy is necessary. After Israel withdrew from Gaza hoping for peace and good relations with Gaza, all it got were thousands of rockets thrown at its civilian population and 3 wars in just a few years. So what’s up with that? How many agreements and contracts signed by Kaddafi in Libya are enforceable today?? How
    many signed by Saddam Hussein are enforceable in Iraq today? So give up everything for a promise?
    Too many promised broken already.

    This is not the time to sign any agreement with anybody in the Middle East. The situation there is very fluid and ever changing all the time. There are no democracies and no respect for the rule of law as we know it. The unelected Palestinians, Ayatollahs, Emirs, Kings and other current dictators in the area are not sustainable and most likely will be soon be gone, and any agreements will be repudiated by the new unelected leaders or terror groups coming in.
    No agreement is needed to live peacefully amongst the people in the area, but that’s not happening either. Better wait than live under the illusion of what is not: an area ready for peace. Sad but true

  15. What needs to be recognized at the ‘Jewish Press of Brooklyn’ level, is that with or without a ‘State of Palestine’, there is already a “multi-state solution” in place. Israel is not alone in the world. Israel HAS NEVER been alone in the world, and will not be alone in the world tomorrow. Israel should always beloved, but never alone. There is no “One State Solution”. It doesn’t exist- It never existed. And it’s not supporting Israel is insist that a one-state solution is a valid direction moving into the common era 21st century and beyond.

  16. The more true questions are currently: Should the United States claim the 20+ year ‘the Poverty Strategy’ in Gaza as a failure, as well as reward nations that promote ‘cosmopolitanism’ in the middle-east? Should Gaza be claimed as ‘Third World’? Should Gaza be accused of being a ‘welfare state’?

  17. *It’s Time to Vote!….. Everyone who believes that loving and ‘supporting’ Israel is to embellish third world impoverishment as an immediate geographic neighbor and the strategy is sustainable as a buffer to violent anti-West, anti-Jew militancy, stand up and say ‘I’.

  18. Those who fight vehemently against any disgracing of the image of the ‘confederate flag’, have little quorums against the disgracing of others sacred or symbolic figures such a Mohammad or ‘Obama as President’, and at one time Synagogues………ugly begets ugly, betrays innocence………..Those that follow in the ‘locale’, of the ‘the confederate flag’, have a strange bed fellow alliance with some conservative Jews in both the United States and Israel. How honestly beneficial for Israel itself, to me, not, likey so good, those, not my friends…..

  19. *’Ruah ha-Kodesh….. ‘Rahamim’…….el yad gvirtah ken eineinu el Adonai Eloheinu ad sheyechanenu: (from Psalm 123,2). ‘G-d, love and defend my nation.’ and ‘I am only defending myself.’ are opposites that Both Sides engage in. It’s not one side doing one and the other side doing the other, — it’s both sides using both, before the ONE G-D that created all.

  20. Benjamin Netanyahu pledge to do everything in your power to prevent giving away even one inch of Great Israel soil to the palestines. Praise Netanyahu and Praise the Lord. The world can rest with peace of mind. No nuclear agreement with Iran to end the planet with nuclear bombs. Crush all the palestines take all the necessary actions to execute ISIS come on MOSSAD. Great Israel is of JEWS never ever of idiots palestines and kick all the ISIS from our ISRAEL with Immediate effect. Wake up world! Do NOT mess with Israel, the Jewish people AND GOD!!!

  21. THEY ARE WRONG, Every last one of them. But there is another possible solution. Maybe even more, but I doubt if Hamas, or the PLO even want peace. Every time they get something from Israel, they just want more. Israel gave Gaza back to them, and now it’s a base from which to launch more attacks. Quit listening to the False Mother, you know, the one who claimed to King Solomon that she was the rightful mother. She thought it was fair when the king offered to cut the child in two equals parts, whereas the true mother asked that the king give the entire child to the false mother, so that it would still live. Now, go read Isaiah 66. If you really don’t know the real reason behind alot of this, all roads (of blame) lead to Rome, who’d claimed to be the new Jerusalem.

  22. Joe 3:2 I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

  23. A two state solution was only ever favoured by Israel. The Palestinians want one state – theirs and only theirs. They have never sought peace and, like all Moslems, prefer death to life. I hope Israel gives them what they prefer. There will never be a Palestinian state.

  24. Send the Palestinians over to the U.S. and let them form their government where Massachusetts is now. Or, maybe in New York City or Chicago. There are a lot of Palestinian supporters who think it is all right for them to just take over another country’s land. Maybe President Obama would give them amnesty as long as they register as Democrats.

  25. There can never be a divided Israel again. The moslems in Israel have to abide by The Law of Israel, that includes those in Judea and Samaria. The moslems in Gaza received autonomy of Israel in 2005, which was a mistake. Gaza should have been returned to Egypt together with the Sinaï, as part of the Camp David agreement. The jewish temple mount needs to be taken back, and all moslem rubble removed. It should have been done in 1967 , when Jerusalem became the undivided Capital of Israel again !

  26. King of Jordan has said it twice the Palestinian state is Jordan ….. Plus 2 state solution will NEVER work anyways. It would be used as a tool or method to bring Israel to its knees. Bottomline is we know the ulterior motive of the enemy.

  27. In 1948, the UN thought the so-called 2-state solution could work, but one very important concept was ignored; i.e., the Arabs wanted all the Jews eliminated in Palestine. So, rather than going about the business of building a new Arab Palestinian state, the Arabs unleashed what the had hoped would be a quick slaughter. And that war continues . . .

  28. there is no two state solution. just a bunch of rabid anti semitic arabs with no frontal cortex next door. like a tribe of cannibals who moved parked their truck in your driveway. you don’t invite them for dinner you are dinner.

  29. Of course they’re wrong. So easy to live in the USA or another country and force Israel to do this, try that, ….yada yada yada. But we are not in their shoes. Arab countries are falling apart and Israel is a functioning democracy.

  30. the one state solution hasn’t worked because the terrorists and many palestinians don’t want it to work…. heaven knows, most of the arab countries haven’t done as much for these people as the israelis have — what other country provides social services and financial support when families lose head of household…. whether they are jews or arabs — they are israelis.

  31. Israel is the homeland to the jewish people given a deed by God Himself and anyone going against will be anwering to God one day real real real soon. they better read the Bible and not do this but the bible says they will and all nations will go against Israel. too bad for Israel is the apple of God’s eye. woe woe woe to them.


  33. The 2 State solution is an exercise in futility. Israel's attempts to achieve this does NOT gain them any friends. Let it go and pray that our next administration (here in the U.S.) is not so tilted toward Arabization of the world. Hopefully we can all make it through until then!

  34. You don’t like the Two State Solution? So what do you propose instead: 1. Israel annexes the West Bank and Gaza and gives full political rights to the Palestinians. One person one vote. In a generation or so Jews will be a minority, and bye bye Jewish majority state. 2. Israel annexes the West Bank but does not give full political rights to the Palestinians. Perhaps they can only vote for local elections in their Bantustans/Reservations. This is apartheid and neither I nor an increasing number of American Jews will be able to support an apartheid Israel. Get used to less help from the US, and no help from anywhere else.

  35. It won’t work. End of story.
    This is from a blog on World Zionist Org.:
    For 20 years, Obama sat quietly in the pews of Jeremiah Wright’s Church listening to his pastor’s anti-Semitic rants. And now, he is really angry at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s obsession with Iran. Think about it. Less than 70 years after the Holocaust, Iran is building nuclear bombs with the express purpose of incinerating Israel’s 8 million citizens and Obama is livid with Israel. What other country on this planet is facing the threat of nuclear annihilation? And what would any other country, including the United States, do if it found itself in Israel’s life and death predicament? Would it bet on Iranian rationality? Of course it wouldn’t. But for the Jews there is another standard all together.

  36. If we were to worry about what if’s and used that as an excuse not to do something then where would the World be now ? What if I can’t Learn my A , B , C ‘s , What if I apply for a Job and they don’t like me . What Iffers are truely amongst the most negative People in the world ! What if I take a chance and I don’t succeed ? Then You try again and again until you do succeed otherwise no-one would ever succeed ! Try to remember this Quote ” If at first you don’t succeed then try , try again .” What if I were to try to walk and I did not succeed , but I tried again and again I guess I would no longer be crawling and I would be Walking that’s not bad for a one year old !

  37. It is wrong. Look at what Gaza has become? Abbas says it every day, “the Jews must disappear, preferably killed, Israel must disappear, peace with Israel is impossible and shameful, etc…”, who in his right mind still thinks that peace will be possible?

  38. major tsuris. how does israel make peace with people who want to destroy us yiddlichs? plus the middle east is so unstable. while none of this is easy, israel first has to think about its own security needs. this is the bottom line.

  39. Did I miss something in the last week? Why on earth are peace talks being resumed? Does the Israeli left not understand peace CANNOT be achieved with ISLAM. Israel belongs to Israel, be her citizens Jewish Christian Druze or otherwise. Israel cannot become an ISLAMIC STATE.

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