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September 16, 2014 / 21 Elul, 5774
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Holland: ‘Not With Our Money,’ Slash Funds to PA

Holland is first to call for withholding aid to PA if used to reward terrorists.
The Tweede Kamer, loosely translated as the House of Representatives, in the Dutch government.

The Tweede Kamer, loosely translated as the House of Representatives, in the Dutch government.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The tiny country of Holland is poised to take a brave step, one that the U.S. government and the rest of the EU has refused to take thus far.

Holland’s  Tweede Kamer, referred to as the House of Representatives, but a better translation is “second chamber,” approved a motion to stop the transfer of money it donates to the Palestinian Authority to terrorists in Israeli prisons. All 148 members voting of the 150 members of the chamber voted in favor of the motion.

“The parliament asserts that since 2011, the Palestinian Authority transfers money to Palestinian convicts in Israeli prisons [and] that these moneys can have a negative effect, in which criminality and terrorism are rewarded,” read the motion which was submitted by the Christian Union and SGP: Reformed Political Party parties.

The lawmakers intend to review budgets submitted by the PA to determine where the funds are going, in advance of approving the transfer of funds.

The Dutch House of Representatives also asked its government to convey its views to the full European Union about the use of European aid money to reward terrorists. The Dutch Senate still has to vote on the measure.

In February of this year the PA announced it would be providing an addition $46 million a year to prisoners who had been released by Israel, including hundreds of murderers of Israeli civilians. As Palestinian Media Watch pointed out, the PA cannot even cover its regular monthly budget without Western aid, meaning the West is also indirectly funding those terrorists.

The PA ministry in charge of “pensions” for released convicts has an estimated annual budget of 160 shekels.

According to Dutch media, the contribution to the PA from Holland is approximately 88 million dollars each year, exclusive of its donation to UNRWA.

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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116 Responses to “Holland: ‘Not With Our Money,’ Slash Funds to PA”

  1. All countries should withhold money to all Arab nations who harbor terrorist organizations!

  2. Anouk Chava says:

    As I said earlier before: we stand with Israel. Now and forever. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  3. No “Ifs ands or buts – just stop funding!!”

  4. Hurray for Holland! Will be interesting to see if the EU and US follow suit and cut off ALL aid to PA/PUG. I stand with Israel now and forever.

  5. Hurray for Holland! Will be interesting to see if the EU and US follow suit and cut off ALL aid to PA/PUG. I stand with Israel now and forever.

  6. good for them about dam time some one stands up to them

  7. Perhaps Secretary Kerry should make a stop in the Netherlands! !

  8. Nicky Hewie says:

    I’m not subscribing to your page any more. I will not participate with anyone that advocates harming others. You’ve become what you hate. Bigoted and harmful.

  9. No self-respecting country should be giving any aid to the Palestinian Authority. They are nothing but terrorists.

  10. Nicky Hewie, no decent page would have you as a member. Good riddance!

  11. The “state” of Palestine is delusional.

  12. The goal of HAMAS is the total destruction of israel and the restauration of a bew Caliphate. Read the HAMAS charter, and behold the massacres of the arab spring: Syria, Iraq, Egypt …

  13. Rosetta Cole says:

    No wonder I supported Hallan in the just ended world cup, God bless them for their stance and punish any double standard country like the rest that refuse to say the truth to please deceitful world leaders

  14. Pam Mullis says:

    Good. Go holland

  15. Jay Grosflam says:

    Don’t Israel still supports Kashmir.

  16. David Cohen says:

    Hey Muddasir Salafi, You better turn off your cell phone (invented in Israel) and throw away you flash drives (also invented and made in Israel). Better find out whether your food was grown using drip irrigation (invented in Israel). Too m as ny more products and medical treatments You must agree not to use. Oh, BTW, the Palestinian leadership seems to have no problem seeking care in Israeli hospitals. I

  17. The Grand Inman of Jerusalem conferred with Hitler about how to kill all the Jews

  18. Good decision! thank you

  19. Full Hope says:

    You are the biggest terrorisits

  20. Full Hope says:

    You are the biggest terrorisits

  21. Having trouble spelling, you bigoted ass?

  22. Having trouble spelling, you bigoted ass?

  23. So Salafi you’re boycotting Israel because, according to the ignorant, they threw the first rock? By the way, I really couldn’t care less about you and those of your ilk. I stand with Israel now and forever.

  24. We are pushing the USA to do the same.

  25. Loren Renee says:

    Many thanks to Holland!!

  26. Beverly Bass says:

    YES! Great move by Holland!

  27. Beverly Bass says:

    Israelis are better at protecting people because they CARE ABOUT THEM..they don’t use them as human shields like Hamas..How ignorant can you be, Nabil? Your own Koran says Israel belongs to the Jews & nowhere does it even mention Jerusalem..go get an education before you spout your ignorant hatred here or anywhere else.

  28. Beverly Bass says:

    And they are still trying to figure out how to do it…but they can’t..never could, never will…ever. Nazi-islamists=vile people.

  29. Nicky Hewie says:

    Ooh you’re really nasty aren’t you.

  30. Nicky Hewie says:

    Really and why is that? I just want a better world where people attempt to get along. You’re a nasty piece of work.

  31. Jane Folkard says:

    The world just doesn’t get it.
    Am Ysrael Chai.

  32. Nicky, If the terrorists would leave Israel alone, or go bury themselves in the sand and take you with them, the world would be a beautiful place!

  33. Good for them! Had we such resolve from Obama! $400 million a year to fund his choice of allies! Yikes!

  34. Nicky Hewie says:

    What are you accusing me of? I’ve done and said nothing to you. What have you got against those that are Jewish?

  35. We should be so wise!!!!!!!!!

  36. We should be so wise!!!!!!!!!

  37. Give all you can to Israel!

  38. Give all you can to Israel!

  39. Nicky Hewie says:

    Ah I see. I’m not your kind of person am I? You don’t like Jewish people. You don’t like gay people and you don’t like those who are down on their luck. I’m glad I’m not ‘decent’ like you.

  40. Wonderful!!! Yes, all Israel stands together!!!

  41. Yeah for Holland, Someone in the EU is standing up ,…finally, for Israel.

  42. Nicky, are you illiterate? I hate terrorists, not Jews, you idiot.

  43. The United States should do the same. Greetings to the Netherlands.

  44. Rarely does the money got to the people who need it most. If it did, Gaza and the West Bank would be thriving.

  45. Thank god for the Netherlands. I am proud to stand with them, not Obama, a spineless, ignorant coward.

  46. land of my ancestors . Thank you Holland when Europe is already making the wrong choices in this matter I salute you

  47. Agree with Beverly here, I will always support Israel and it’s people and all the good they have done for this world. So many inventions that we use daily to make our lives the best they can be. The only democracy in the middle east…it’s G-d’s will that Israel survive as a homeland for all the Jewish people!!!

  48. It does reward terrorists…their bedfellow in nationhood and government of their own doing is Hamas! Glad to see the Dutch wake up.

  49. Judy Richka says:

    Of course they will

  50. Nicky Hewie says:

    Jennifer stop being rude. Fb doesnt operate just for you. Your messages are late in coming through but that’s not your fault. FB hasn’t been ‘firing on all cylinders’of late.

  51. Proud of your country. I light for others in the EU to follow.

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