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13 Kislev 5779 -
? Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Second Attempted Terror Stabbing at Cave of Patriarchs in 2 Days

Police officers pointed their weapons at him and ordered the teen to drop the knife.

Ari Fuld’s Murderer Indicted

The terrorist was indicted in a military court today.

In Hebron Stabbing Attack IDF Soldier Lightly Wounded, Terrorist Shot Dead

The terrorist was killed and the soldier was evacuated for medical treatment.

Ari Fuld’s Widow Urging Demolition of Murderer’s Home

"The desire to advance the home demolition of the murderer does not stem from a place of revenge. Rather, this demand is intended to increase deterrence in order to save lives."

Israeli Driver Attacked South of Jerusalem on Husan Bypass Road

No physical injuries were reported in the attack, but there was damage to the vehicle from the rocks.

Peace Now Snitch App Ready to Download November 1

As of Sunday evening in Israel, the Snitch has picked up $8,165 in donations, out of an end goal of $20,000.

Netanyahu Pledges: Illegal Bedouin Shantytown Won’t Be and Will Be Evacuated

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman's office criticized the PM's decision to freeze the evacuation.

Women in Green Co-Founder Ruth Matar Passes Away

Matar co-founded the national movement calling for Israel to assert sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

Arab-American in PA Jail for Selling Home to Jews

The man received $25,000 for arranging the sale of a house in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

IDF Soldiers Shoot, Injure Attacking Samaria Village Arab Rioter

"One event pursues another, a procession follows another, endangering the lives of the residents and the soldiers."

After 12 Days’ Manhunt IDF Warns Arabs: Do Not Help Barkan Terrorist

In addition to the leaflet, Arab media reported that the IDF has been using megaphones to call on the terrorist to turn himself in.

US Ambassador David Friedman Erases ‘Red Line’ in Visit to Ariel with Israeli, PA...

nder past administrations, U.S. ambassadors to Israel have not been allowed to cross the so-called “Green Line” (1949 Armistice Line), nor could they visit Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Red Alert Siren Tests Conducted Tuesday, Oct. 16

If there is a real emergency, the sirens will be repeated.

Palestinian Authority Date Industry Growing Well, Says Israeli Military Liaison

At present, Palestinian Authority farmers in Judea and Samaria own and work groves totaling some 18,000 dunams, an exponential increase from the 2,500 dunams they had in 2005.

Terrorist who Fired at Security Forces During House Demolition Arrested

The defense establishment wishes to share this message with the public at large as well as with those who perpetrated or plan to carry out terrorist activities – you won’t remain at large for long.

Hamas Attacks Escalating: Explosive Balloons Land in Be’er Sheva School, Jordan Valley Moshav

A colorful cluster of balloons arrived at midday at the Be’er Sheva school attached to what appears to be a small explosive, with a cord ending in a detonator or ignition piece.

Terrorist Neutralized in Shomron Attack

The terrorist, armed with a knife, ran at some soldiers.

Arab Terrorists Attacked Supreme Court Justice David Mintz

Despite the attempted assault on his life, the justice arrived in court Monday morning and is expected to deal with his caseload as usual.

IDF: Barkan Terrorist’s Home Will Be Destroyed

Meanwhile, security forces continue their hunt for Ashraf Na'alwa.

Pipe Bombs Neutralized in Samaria

IDF sappers were summoned to the site to neutralize the explosives.

11 Wanted Palestinian Authority Suspects Detained

All of the suspects, residents of the Palestinian Authority, are wanted for involvement in terrorist activities and violence against Israeli civilians and security forces.

Government Approves New $6 Million, 31-Home Hebron Neighborhood

The Israeli government on Sunday approved the transfer of 22 million shekel ($6 million) to expand the Jewish community in Hebron, Israeli media reported...

Road Race in Memory of Eitam and Naama Henkin Traced Highway of their Murder

The highway was renamed Eitan road, Eitan being an acronym of Eitam and Naama.

SWAT Team Captures Samaria Stabber

At this point, the stabbing suspect is being interrogated by the Shin Bet, which seeks to understand the role of his relatives in the escape.

Thursday Fire Tally: Incendiary Balloons in Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Southern Israel

Israel Police instruct the public NOT to touch or EVEN TO APPROACH any suspicious object, including balloons or kites which "may contain flammable or explosive material."


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