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November 21, 2014 / 28 Heshvan, 5775
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Dutch Soccer Team Ditches Israeli Player for Abu Dhabi Match

Monday, January 6th, 2014

A Dutch soccer team is facing criticism for playing in Abu Dhabi after agreeing to the emirate’s demand not to let in the team’s Israeli defender.

Two Dutch politicians and several media criticized the soccer team Vitesse from Arnhem over the weekend for agreeing to play in Abu Dhabi despite the refusal Saturday to let Dan Mori into the country for matches against two German teams.

Geert Wilders, leader of the rightist, pro-Israel Party for Freedom, on Sunday called the team cowardly on his Twitter account. “Vitesse shouldn’t have gone to the United Arab Emirates to protest the refusal to let Mori in. They are now accepting the emirates’ Jew-hate. Cowardly.”

Pieter Omtzigt, a lawmaker for the CDA party, told Dutch media on Monday that Vitesse should behave like Dutch lawmakers, who refuse to visit places which try to dictate the make-up of parliamentary delegations.

Ester Bal, communications director for Vitesse, said the team “stays away from politics and religion. We have always done this. We are a soccer club.”

Management said in a statement that the decision to go to Abu Dhabi was made because “the team had obligations and wanted to prepare to the best of our abilities for future matches.”

The UAE in 2010 accused Israel of assassinating Hamas operative Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh. Israe was widely seen as responsible for the killing and never confirmed or denied its involvement.


Cyber Attacks UPDATE: Israeli hackers retaliate; Israeli Cabinet Minister Condemns

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Israeli hackers took the websites of both the Saudi Stock Exchange and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange offline Monday, in the latest salvo in the cyber war between Israeli and anti-Israeli hackers.

The Israeli hackers, going by the name IDF-Team, wrote that their attack came in response to the “lame” hacking of Israeli websites of El Al and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Monday by Arab hacker ox0mar. The hackers pledged that if the anti-Israel attacks continue, they will intensify their assault and “paralyze websites for a period of two weeks to a month.”

“State of Israel, not to worry, you’re in the hands of the world’s best hacker,” one of the Israeli hackers, Hannibal, wrote. “I will continue to support the government of Israel will continue to attack the Arab countries.”

In a sharp response, Likud MK and Minister of Intelligence Services Dan Meridor, condemned the pro-Israel cyber attacks.

“Individual initiatives by Israeli hackers to attack Saudi hackers, or hackers from anywhere else for that matter, are ineffective and shouldn’t be done in Israel’s name,” he said.

?Cease-Fire? Spreads To Jordan As Arabs Kill Jew In Amman

Friday, September 7th, 2001

The Middle East ?cease-fire? spread this week to Jordan when an Israeli was shot to death in Amman Monday night. The victim, a diamond merchant in his 50s, was gunned down as he left an apartment he apparently maintained in the Jordanian capital.

In a statement called in to Abu Dhabi television, a group identifying itself as the Islamic Jordanian Resistance Movement took credit for the killing.

Palestinian boy aims gun at image of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during march of over 500 Arab children on August 7 in Hebron. The gun is real.
AFP / Hossam Abu Alan
Palestinian boy aims gun at image of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during march of over 500 Arab children on August 7 in Hebron. The gun is real.

Back in Israel, Tehiya Bloomberg, five months pregnant, was slain by terrorists as she drove with her husband, Shimon, three of the couple?s five children and a hitchhiker on the Azoun bypass road Sunday night.

In the attack that killed their wife and mother,Shimon Bloomberg sustained bullet wounds to his face and chest and 14-year-oldTzippi Bloomberg was shot in the waist. Both were recovering after surgery at Beilinson Hospital, though a family spokesperson told reporters that Tzippi?s doctors were concerned about possible spinal damage.

Tehiya was buried Tuesday in Karnei Shomron, the community where the family had resided for the past 11 years.

?Shimon was unable to speak, but he moved his eyes and told me he knew about his wife and requested that the funeral take place in Karnei Shomron,? said a rabbi from the community, Dov Oron, who visited Bloomberg in the hospital.

The killing continued Tuesday when an Israeli motorist was shot as he drove near the northern Samaria community of Alfei Menashe.

Meanwhile, Israel?s policy of targeting terrorists for assassination came under criticism from Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher, who called Prime Minister Ariel Sharon?s government a ?gang of assassins.?

?Israel?s policy violates all laws and conventions,? said Maher in Cairo on Monday. ?It is unprecedented for a government to become a gang which assassinates people, which uses the methods of gangs in assassinating people.

?This behavior has put peace in the region in danger and put the interests of all countries in the region, the United States and the West, in danger,?? he said.

The woman killed Sunday, Tehiya Bloomberg, was a nurse whom neighbors and acquaintances described as someone ?always ready to help others,? a woman who no matter how busy or preoccupied ?made sure to greet everyone with a wide smile on her face.?

Shimon Bloomberg, originally from London, had made aliyah about 20 years ago, said a family friend. The friend said Shimon is employed by Israel Aircraft Industries and serves as a gabai at the local synagogue. His parents and a brother still live in England and were expected to arrive in Israel during the week to visit their son and brother.

?Shimon and Tehiya were so excited with the new baby It is hard to come to terms with such a tragedy,? said Rina Gruber, a friend of the Bloomberg family shortly before Tehiya was buried.

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