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December 22, 2014 / 30 Kislev, 5775
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US-led Air Strikes Kill 8 Civilians in Syria

Monday, October 20th, 2014

U.S.-led coalition air strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group left eight civilians fuel tanker drivers dead in eastern Syria over the weekend, according to Deir el-Zour Free Radio.

A gas distribution station in the town of Khasham was targeted Friday by the coalition because it is located in the oil-rich province of Deir el-Zour.

The strike and its outcome was confirmed by the UK-based watchdog group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Despite the obvious toll in civilian lives, the U.S. military did not comment, according to the Huffington Post.

The United States joined the United Nations Human Rights Commission and others in haranguing Israel’s Defense Forces over the same issue during this summer’s Operation Protective Edge. That, despite numerous efforts by the IDF to prevent civilian casualties by dropping fliers into combat zones hours and sometimes days in advance, warning residents of impending attacks, sending SMS text messages to local cell phones and making recorded calls to residential phones with similar warnings in Arabic, advising occupants to leave for their own safety.

It is extremely unlikely that U.S.-led coalition forces have done the same for civilians in Kobani, or anywhere else they are dropping bombs, either in Syria or in Iraq. Nor has any nation commented on the number of civilian deaths resulting from the attacks against ISIS.

The UNHRC has yet to do anything about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s wholesale slaughter of his own civilian population over the past three and a half years. Late Friday, at least three children and a woman were killed by Syrian government air strikes in the town of Douma, near Damascus. A total of 16 people were killed in five attacks by the government forces, meant to block roads to the capital.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has already launched a full-scale investigation into Israel’s military actions in Gaza, which were initiated in response to the incessant rocket and missile attacks fired at its own civilian population on a near-daily basis.

Now, while the UN harasses Israel for defending its own population while trying to avoid killing Gazans used as human shields by their terrorist rulers, the Hamas de facto prime minister of the enclave, Ismail Haniyeh, sent his own daughter for care to a hospital in Tel Aviv.

In the north, wounded Syrian rebels struggle to reach Israel’s northern border. They know it’s their best chance for survival: only in Israel can they get the quality medical care they need.

So… um…. “ what is the U.S.-led coalition doing to prevent civilian casualties on the ground during air strikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq?

‘Thanks But No Thanks’ – Gaza Landlords Refuse to Rent to Hamas

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Gaza landlords are learning at last, and so are would-be neighbors.

Egypt-based Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouk let it slip to media on Sunday that Hamas renters are having a hard time finding places to live in Gaza.

“The phenomenon of refusing to rent out homes to families of resistance fighters is a dangerous one,” Abu Marzouk wrote on his Facebook page,” according to a report by prominent Arab affairs reporter Khaled Abu Toameh, who writes for numerous publications.

“The landlords are punishing the resistance fighters and their families… This is what the occupation wants by targeting the homes of the resistance fighters,” he added.

Three major skyscrapers in Gaza City that contained residential apartments, as well as offices used by Hamas, were targeted during Israel’s counter terror Operation Protective Edge this summer; the Italian Complex, Al-Basha and Al-Zafer 4.

All three were leveled by Israeli air strikes.

The lesson was apparently well learned: this month the tenants of the Daoud Tower high-rise in Gaza City demanded that Hamas remove its Interior Ministry offices from their building, lest they be targeted next.

IDF Warned Residents, Then Destroyed Rocket Launchers

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Israeli Defense Force personnel gave residents living in a compound in the Al Shati section of northern Gaza at least 24 hours’ notice to evacuate the area for their own safety, before starting an air strike on the area.

The warning came ahead of an attack to destroy rocket launchers that were used to attack Israeli civilians over the weekend.

The rockets were being fired from launchers hidden next to the ‘Shuhada’ medical clinic, a basketball court, the ‘Even Sina’ school and the ‘Zlach Halif’ school in the neighborhood.

Al Shati section of Gaza was pockmarked with concealed rocket launchers, all placed as close as possible to schools, a basketball court and even a medical clinic.

Al Shati section of Gaza was pockmarked with concealed rocket launchers, all placed as close as possible to schools, a basketball court and even a medical clinic.

Both of the school were being used as shelters for displaced Gaza residents who were forced out of their homes by terrorists who had used their buildings as rocket launching sites, and to store weapons and other terrorist-related equipment, thus transforming them into military targets.

It is a deliberate use of Gaza’s civilians as human shields, and “intentionally puts civilians and humanitarian structures in harm’s way,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement released Monday.

The IDF destroyed the concealed rocket launchers and rocket arsenal concealed within the facility.

“In the aftermath of the strike extensive secondary explosions were revealed, exposing the extent of the arsenal in this location,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit noted.

Update: The IDF has released a correction to their previous statement, and no longer state that the rocket that killed Daniel Tragerman came from this specific location.

IDF Strikes Al-Qaeda-linked Gaza Terror Cell

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Israeli fighter pilots bombed operatives in Gaza from the Jaish Al-Islam terrorist organization on Monday afternoon.

The air strike, which resulted from a joint Shin Bet – IDF operation, eliminated a terror cell that was planning an attack on Israel in the near future, according to security sources.

The IDF also targeted a concealed rocket launcher placed within a school in the Shujaiyya neighborhood in Gaza City, used to fire missiles at Israel earlier in the day.

Jaish al-Islam, also known as the ‘Army of Islam’ terrorist organization, is called the ‘Tawhid and Jihad Brigades’ as well — the name used by the Doghmush clan in Gaza. The Salafi Muslim terror group appears on the official United States list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Its base is located in the Tzabra neighborhood at the very heart of Gaza, in the center of the region.

The Army of Islam is best known for having led the abduction of former IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in June 2006.

The group also kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston in March 2007, and held him hostage until July of that year, when he was handed to rival Hamas officials in exchange for the release of captured Jaish al-Islam spokesman.

Although the group once challenged Hamas for control over the region, Hamas is now working closer together with Jaish al-Islam and is offering financial and other support to the group, Israeli intelligence sources said Monday.

Since midnight, nearly 90 rockets and missiles have been fired at Israel; a total of 823 projectiles have been launched at civilians in the Jewish State since Hamas violated the most recent temporary cease-fire eight hours before it was due to expire.

IDF Eliminates Launcher That Fired at Jerusalem

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

A short while after Gaza terrorists attacked the holy city of Jerusalem on Sunday night, the IDF targeted the rocket launcher that fired the missiles.

“A hit was confirmed,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced.

IDF Retaliation: 3 Dead Terrorists in Gaza

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

At least three terrorists are dead and approximately 9 others were injured in a targeted assassination by the Israeli Air Force in Gaza.

A missile pulverized the car in which the terrorists were traveling in the a-Nasser neighborhood of Gaza City. The Saturday night air strike followed a 24 hour period in which nearly 100 rockets and missiles were fired at Israeli civilians.

In a second air strike, a 12-story building in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood collapsed, sending a cloud of black smoke and flames spiraling into the sky.

Residents of the building were warned to leave the building, which served as a base for Hamas operations, prior to the attack. IAF pilots fired a warning dud at the roof of the 48-unit building before the strike, reminding occupants to leave, according to police.

Two missiles blew up the building about five minutes later, which collapsed under the explosion.

Despite the warnings, at least 10 people were wounded according to local sources, including four children.

Over the course of the day, the IDF said it bombed some 60 terrorist targets throughout Gaza. Among those eliminated were concealed rocket launchers, weapons caches and terrorist operations facilities.

Terrorists rained rockets and missiles of varying ranges across the Israel throughout the day and into the night on Saturday. At around 10:30 pm, a missile reached as far north as Acco. No one was physically injured and no property damage was reported.

On Friday, a 4-year-old boy died when he didn’t make it to shelter in time to avoid mortar shelling by Gaza terrorists aimed at the Israeli border town of Nahal Oz.

Search for Mohammed Deif Continues in Gaza City Ruins

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

The bodies of a 14 year old son of Mohammed Deif and a 48 year old woman were pulled from the rubble of a six-story dwelling Wednesday, sources say.

Gazans continue to search the rubble for Deif, the ‘spiritual leader’ of the Izz a-Din al-Qassam military wing of Hamas, in the ruins of the former al-Dalou home in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City.

Deif was meeting with two other top Hamas military commanders, one of whom was Mohamed Yassin, chief of Hamas operations, in the house when Israel Air Force fighter pilots destroyed it with bunker buster bombs in an air strike overnight Tuesday.

The body of 27-year-old Widad, Mohamed Deif’s second wife, and her 7-month-old son Ali, were recovered lateTuesday night following the attack on the home, which belonged t othe al-Dalou family. The building was pulverized into a “pile of dust, debris and twisted metal, and leaving a huge crater in the ground where the building once stood,” said witnesses quoted by the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency.

GOC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Sami Turgeman warned heads of the regional council districts and government entities located near the Gaza border to “prepare for massive rocket fire” prior to the strike.

Deif survived four prior targeted assassination attempts over the years and it is not yet clear whether he survived the strike. He is considered the mastermind behind numerous suicide bombing plots in Israel, particularly during the second intifada (2000-2005) and is held personally responsible for the deaths of dozens of Israelis.

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