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Saudi Arabia Begins Airstrikes on Neighboring Yemen

6 Nisan 5775 – March 26, 2015
Saudi Arabia began airstrikes on neighboring Yemen which has been taken over by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

Cheat Sheet on Who’s Doing What to Whom in the Middle East

5 Nisan 5775 – March 25, 2015
While Pres. Obama nurses a grudge and looks for new ways to pick a fight with Israel, a cataclysm is building in the Middle East.

US Forces Flee as ISIS, Al Qaeda Swallow Yemen

2 Nisan 5775 – March 22, 2015
The last US forces flee as Al Qaeda and ISIS swallow Yemen, as Israel's PM Netanyahu warned.

US Army Vet Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ on Trying to Join ISIS

28 Adar 5775 – March 19, 2015
A U.S. Air Force veteran has pleaded "not guilty" in Brooklyn federal court to charges of attempting to join ISIS and obstruct justice.

US Shutters Yemen Embassy as Shiite Rebels Take Over Country

22 Shevat 5775 – February 11, 2015
US Embassy in Yemen becomes the third in an Arab country to close since the Arab Spring began.

Bibi, Iran’s Nukes, and Military Force in a Changed Middle East

10 Shevat 5775 – January 30, 2015
An Israeli strike could theoretically damage Iran’s nuclear program; only US can terminate program

US-Backed Yemeni President and Entire Gov’t Resigns

3 Shevat 5775 – January 22, 2015
Yemeni president and government resigns, shia rebels appear to seize control, al-Qaeda remains big concern

US Warships in Red Sea, Prepare to Evacuate Embassy in Yemen

1 Shevat 5775 – January 21, 2015
At least two US warships have been moved to the Red Sea in case the Embassy in Yemen is evacuated.

Report: Shia Rebels Seize Control of Yemeni Capital Palace

1 Shevat 5775 – January 20, 2015
The Shia rebel Houthis reportedly seized control of the Yemeni capital palace.

AQAP Claims it Bombed US Base in Yemen

21 Kislev 5775 – December 12, 2014
AQAP claims it hit an airbase in Yemen where American advisers are located.

2nd US Rescue Attempt Fails, Al Qaeda Hostage Dead

15 Kislev 5775 – December 7, 2014
American photojournalist Luke Somers was killed Friday by his Al Qaeda captors in Yemen.

In the Short Run, Biden Might Well Keep his Promise that Iran Won’t Get...

20 Heshvan 5775 – November 13, 2014
We would be fools to take seriously assurances from Joe Biden.

Control of Yemen Seized by Shiite Rebels

27 Elul 5774 – September 21, 2014
Yemen, where the 'Arab Spring' begun, continues to be mired in turmoil and terror.

New York Man Recruiting for ISIS, Prosecutors Say

22 Elul 5774 – September 17, 2014
A New York man born in Yemen has been charged with trying to recruit for ISIS.

‘Sec’y of Nonsense’ Kerry: PA-Israel Pact the Key to Mideast Peace

9 Tishri 5774 – September 12, 2013
John Kerry says an Israeli-Peace peace pact is “important to “regional security and stability.” ZOA says he is full of nonsense: Arab wars on Israel have nothing to do with their own internal problems.

9/11 Spreads in the Middle East

8 Tishri 5774 – September 11, 2013
Al Qaeda brought down the Twin Towers 12 years ago. With the help of other terrorists, it is bringing down Mideast regimes, banking on chaos to spread its policy of destruction of the West.

Top Al Qaeda Operative Left Blueprint to Govern Entire Muslim World

14 Elul 5773 – August 19, 2013
Nasser al-Wahishi provides a step-by-step assessment of what worked and what didn’t in Yemen.

17 Yemeni Jews Secretly Airlifted to Israel

9 Elul 5773 – August 15, 2013
Radical Islamists have endangered the lives of almost 90 Jews still in Yemen. On Wednesday, 17 of them were secretly airlifted to Israel, 63 years after the ‘Magic Carpet’ brought over 49,000 Yemini Jews.

US Issues Urgent Travel Warning in Yemen

30 Av 5773 – August 6, 2013
If there still are Americans who think that it is worth risking their lives to visit Yemen, the State Dept. popped their illusions Tuesday...

US Drone Kills 4 Al Qaeda Terrorists in Yemen

The fourth U.S. drone attack on eight days killed four Al Qaeda-linked terrorists in eastern Yemen Monday while the terrorist network has succeeded in...

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