My name is Moishy. I’m 7 and learn in 2nd grade.

I was born with a rare liver condition, and I have to take tons of yucky medicines and drops every day. They taste really bad, but I know that they’re keeping me alive, so a long time ago, I learned to just swallow them without saying anything.


In the last month, I heard lots of whispers about my “condition dee-tee-ree-or-ating. I don’t know exactly what it means, but I’ve been feeling really sick lately, and I know that my liver isn’t working anymore and that I need to have a liver transplant fast.

My mommy told me that after my transplant, I’ll come home healthy again!

It’s not really again, because I was never healthy to begin with, so now—for the first time—I’m going to be healthy! I’ll finally be strong like all my friends, and no one will laugh at me anymore that I’m fat. I’m not really fat, it’s just that my body—and especially my stomach—are bloated with fluid and medicines.


Everyone is careful not to talk around me, but I know that without the transplant, I’m going to die.

A liver transplant is the only thing that can keep me alive!

Please! If you’re reading this, I need your help! I don’t want to die. I just started learning Chumash…

I have lots of friends and greatest brothers and sisters and grandparents, and the best, best, best parents in the world who love me so much, and they’re all be so sad if I die.

Please daven for:

שמעון אלתר משה יעקב
בן לאה – לרפואה שלימה
בתוך כל שאר חולי ישראל

Please help my parents pay for my transplant!

Even if you can’t give a lot, I’m sure you can give something! Maybe your donation will be the one that makes it possible for me to have the surgery, and… Live.

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