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Jewish Press Blogger, Jordana Brown

Wow. I just got emotional, I know. I’d imagine if you’re not in agreement with me on this issue, you’re seeing me as overly paranoid, too pessimistic and basically an all-around doomsday alarmist. And it’s possible you’re right. But the realist in me believes Khameini when he shouts for my destruction. The realist in me sees the terror wrought by Hamas and Hezbollah now and imagines a world where their funders have 150 billion more dollars with which to target my fellow Israelis. The realist in me sees no benefit from this current agreement, both as an Israeli and an American. And the realist in me sees the possibility that in 10 years, the family I hope to have in Israel and raise in Israel could be gravely threatened by this terrifying deal. And what use will this blog post be then? I don’t want to ever say “I told you so.” I want to say “Thank G-d we were saved. That was close.”

May G-d bless Israel and America, and keep His nation safe.


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