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Kjell Stefan LöfvenPrime MinisterSwedenDear Prime Minister Löfven,I am sure that publicly burning a Torah will greatly improve children’s rights in Sweden. There is a Jewish myth that burning a Torah will ignite a fire that resists efforts by those tasked with putting out the fire, so I hope you will take all the precautions available to you to keep Stockholm from burning down. If you are uncertain about the capabilities of Sweden’s firefighters, I would recommend that you ask the government of Israel for help. After six million of their people were burned in the holocaust, they have developed a system for fire retardation that has so far kept more Jews from being burned up. I believe it’s called nuclear weapons.As a friend of Israel, and having children and grandchildren myself, I would like to encourage the Swedish Torah burners to recite the names of these unfortunate children who were denied life by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP) which on May, 15, 1974 in Ma’alot Israel machined gunned to death the following Jewish children:Unborn child of Fortuna CohenMoshe Eliahu Cohen(4)Ilana Turgeman(15)Zvia Mor-Yoseph(15)Rachel Aputa(16)Yocheved Mazoz(15)Sarah Ben-Shimlon(15)Yona Sabah(15)Yafa Cohen(17)Shoshana Cohen(17)Michael Sitrok(16)Malka Amrosy(15)Aviva Shada(15)Yocheved Deri(age unknown)Yakov Levi(17)Yakov Kabla(17)Rina Cohen(15)Sarah Madar(15)Tamar Dahan(16)Sarah Sofer(15)Lilly Morad(16)David Madar(17)Yehudit Madar(16)Respectfully yours, Lawrence C. Shapiro

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