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Christiane Amanpour screaming in Israel

CNNDear CNN,I recall Amirpour’s documentary about the Muslim Brotherhood in which she showed a happy Muslim Brotherhood family at home being hospitable to an American opinion maker. She was so clueless or perhaps willing to suck the swill, that she failed to mention that the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for ISIS and obviously complicit in all the heads rolling around not to mention the slavery of Yazidi women.I knew then that Amanpour was not to be trusted. Nothing fortified my opinion more than her recent comparison of Israel and Assad. The simple explanation is that the IDF kills those who attack Israel. Getting blamed for it is sheer malevolence. Tell the Palestinians to stop shooting and there will be no deaths, but Amanpour is not able to say that because her medals from the Palestinian victimhood project will stop coming.Just once I’d like Amanpour or someone else at CNN to tell its viewers how many Muslims have been killed over the centuries in the Shiite-Sunni dispute, and why there was a dispute, and why it has lasted for 1300 years. Here’s a clue. They are arguing over who is the legitimate successor to Muhammed. I don’t think you will find such dysfunction in the Jewish psyche. As for Assad. He and his Russian and Iranian friends have killed 400,000 Syrians just because they wanted a better life. They bombed Syrians with barrels filled with poison gas. Russian planes leveled whole towns including hospitals. I feel dirty having to even say this, but Israel has committed nothing remotely like this and those who say it has are just slimy Jew haters. That’s your Christiane Amanpour.Fed up in Calgary with Amanpour and CNN that presents this phony.Larry Shapiro,


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