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It’s certainly become clear to all that the well-known lack of ideological diversity in certain IDF and security units has become a security threat to the country.

Ariel Kahana pointed out that for years the Left penned hundreds of articles expressing their fears about religious Jews in the army, questioning if they would listen to their rabbis instead of their commanders. Now we know, the Left was just projecting what they themselves would do in that situation.


And we can’t forget that all those protesting pilots and former 8200 techies built their lucrative business careers and connections from the IDF which was paid for with your and my tax dollars – and remember that point, because it’s important for what you are going to learn next.

I want to talk about a subject I raised previously, which are the hi-tech protesters who are about to be given the choice of losing their jobs or become foreign workers. Some of our resident contrarian readers previously scoffed at the idea, but I just hope they aren’t working at one of those companies, and if they are, that they have wives as smart as the wife of On ben-Pelet.

On ben-Who?

On ben-Pelet is mentioned in Parshat Korach.

The Gemorah in Sanhedrin 109b says the wife of On ben-Pelet saved him from dying with Korach in his revolt against Moshe.

On’s wife told him that whether Moshe wins or Korach wins, On is not going to win anything at all (and may even lose), and so that wise woman worked up a scheme with On to separate him from Korach on that fateful day, and thus her husband didn’t die.

Eido Gal, one of our local Korachs just announced that his company, Riskified, will be pulling their $500 million dollars out of Israel, and not only that, but they are also working to relocate their R&D from Israel to Lisbon, Portugal.

The company will offer various relocation assistance packages for Riskified employees to make the move, to become foreign workers in another land.

As we mentioned in the previous article, some of the hi-tech companies have been trying for a while to find a way to convince their Israeli employees to be stupid enough leave Israel and become foreign workers, to a country with provides better tax breaks for the company and the investors – Riskified may become the first.

If you recall, I mentioned the Israeli tax-payers role in training and building the business connections for our pilots and 8200 techies, but what’s the connection to Riskified?

It seems, its early state funding came from a venture capital fund named Pitango, Israel largest venture capital fund.

Pitango was founded as Polaris Venture Capital in 1993 by Rami Kalish, as part of a government initiative named Yozma (Initiative in Hebrew) that offered attractive tax incentives to any foreign venture-capital investments in Israel and also offered to double any investment with funds from the government. That’s a lot of Israeli taxpayer money that was invested into these startups – with a great return for all of us.

The Israeli government, meaning, you and me, the taxpayers, matched the money that Pitango raised, which they invested in various Israeli startup companies. Some of them became Unicorns, including, none other than Riskified, who is now saying they are taking the fruits our tax investments to another country, along with their Israeli staff.

I think all the protesters that work in hi-tech need to step back a second and realize that they, as useful idiots, are ultimately supporting the move of their employers and the hi-tech industry away from Israel, who do not have their best interests in mind, and are really only moving so their shareholders can make a few extra dollars.

When Riskified eventually significantly reduces its presence in Israel, Riskified’s employees will either be out of a job or forced to become foreign workers, away from their families, friends, culture, and lives.

And if Riskified succeeds in doing it, a few more Leftwing CEOs will take their companies away too.

These rich CEOs aren’t going to suffer, and their investors aren’t going to suffer.

Only the lowly programmers who are currently out in the streets protesting are the ones who will find themselves in a horrible position when they can’t find a hi-tech job in Israel, and may find themselves in the streets permanently, whether it’s in Lisbon or Tel Aviv.

To put it bluntly, the protesters are protesting their jobs away.


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