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ayor Muriel Bowser recently announced that “anyone coming into Washington, DC from a high-risk state” had to self-quarantine for 14 days. Meanwhile the nation’s riot capital is expecting a 100,000 man hate march organized by Al Sharpton which includes attendees coming from those high-risk states.


Georgia is on Bowser’s quarantine list, but two buses coming from Atlanta and one from Macon are currently listed on Sharpton’s National Action Network site. Ohio is on the quarantine list, but there are three buses coming from Columbus. Texas is on the list, but three buses are scheduled to leave from Houston. There’s also a bus coming from North Carolina despite its presence on the high-risk list.

The buses for Sharpton’s Get Your Knee Off Our Necks march are scheduled to leave on the 27th or 28th of August for a rally that’s supposed to take place on the 28th leaving no time for a 14-day quarantine.

Are D.C. quarantine rules going to apply to Sharpton’s march or will it be deemed “essential”?

The Sharpton hate rally plans to have participants assemble at the Lincoln Memorial, walking along the reflecting pool, and waiting there for 6 hours before marching to the MLK memorial.

The Get Your Knee Off Our Necks hate rally expects 100,000 participants.

There is no way to safely bring that many people into the area with social distancing while using the Lincoln Memorial as a stage. Washington D.C. guidelines state that people are expected to keep a 6-foot distance from each other. Inaugurations typically feature huge crowds packing into the area.

Getting in 100,000 people with even minimal social distancing requires 15 million square feet of space.

The entire length of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is only a little over 2,000 feet. Fitting in 100,000 bigots with social distancing would require an area of about 300 football fields.

And that’s if none of the racists steps out of their spot over those 6 hours to go to the bathroom.

Passing invalidates the 6 -foot space and would require a 12-foot grid. Calculating that space is left as an exercise for the reader who wants to fall asleep while counting Sharpton’s racists instead of sheep.

All of this is irrelevant anyway because CDC guidelines discourage large gatherings.

But the CDC guidelines somehow only seem to come into play when a church or synagogue wants to open up or President Trump wants to hold a rally, yet mysteriously don’t apply to Black Lives Matter.

Washington D.C.’s own guidelines state that, “mass gatherings of more than 50 people are prohibited.”

Except when it comes to Black Lives Matter.

The Get Your Knee Off Our Necks or the Get Your Virus In Our Lungs rally has only made only one concession to the pandemic which has kept ordinary Americans from visiting dying loved ones in the hospital, attending weddings, funerals, and seeing their children and grandchildren.

The Sharpton hate group is telling participants that they have to wear face masks.

As if face masks would do any good when 100,000 people are packed neck to neck and toe to toe listening to a notorious hatemonger and his allies scream about racism in the late August heat.

Today’s D.C. temperature was 96 degrees. And it’s not even August yet.

But it’s not just Sharpton’s National Action Network, a vicious antisemitic hate group feted by every national Democrat from Obama to Pelosi, that’s organizing the rally.

Its partners include the American Federation of Teachers.

The AFT, a leftist teacher’s union, has attacked President Trump for proposing to reopen schools. It has falsely claimed that Trump’s proposals are unsafe and laid out a $116 billion or $2 million per school district proposal that might perhaps allow schools to reopen someday.

Randi Weingarten, the left-wing radical running the AFT, accused Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida of denying that the virus exists. “Teachers now are getting scared,” she claimed.

Not that scared.

While the AFT claims that it’s too dangerous for teachers to go to work at their schools, it’s not too dangerous for them to board buses and drive to Washington D.C. for a packed Sharpton rally.

It’s too dangerous for AFT union teachers to teach, but not to scream in a 100,000-person crowd.

Any AFT union members who feel that it’s safe to get on board a bus or a plane to head to a mass rally in Washington D.C. can’t claim that their opposition to in-person teaching is due to safety concerns.

After this, they should be expected to come to school and do their jobs. Or get fired.

Other unions partnering with the Sharpton hate mob for the Get Your Knee Off Our Necks rally include the American Federation of Government Employees, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the United Auto Workers.

If only Americans had some way of getting the knees of the AFT, AFGE, and AMFSCE off their necks.

Not to mention the American Postal Workers Union which is also joining up with Sharpton’s mob.

Considering the role that postal workers play in delivering mail and interacting with customers, if APWU members participate in a potential super-spreader pandemic event, they could infect many Americans.

Sharpton’s National Action Network has also partnered with the Eaton Workshop hotel for accommodations for attendees to its racist rally against America.

The Eaton Workshop is a leftist hotel with UN pamphlets in every room in place of bibles, organic mattresses and crystal healing, which was shut down during the pandemic. Behind all the lefty virtue signaling is the Lo family which has links to China’s Communist Party and its state-owned enterprises.

A march spreading the China Virus could have no better place to stay than a Chinese Communist hotel.

But the most troubling partner of the Get Your Knee Off Our Necks march, also known as the Commitment March, isn’t a union, it’s a government agency funded by American taxpayers.

The United States Census Bureau is listed as a leading partner of Sharpton’s hate rally.

What does that mean? The Census Bureau may be funding Sharpton’s rally as a co-sponsor, with the elite tier of sponsorships starting at $250,000, or it’s going to direct employees to participate in it.

Either possibility or both is deeply troubling.

Not only is Al Sharpton a bigot whose hateful rallies have been linked to violence against minorities, but his proposed rally and march would almost certainly spread the virus further in Washington D.C.

As the National Action Network advances a plan to bring 100,000 bigots for an extended rally from high-risk states, in violation of Washington D.C.’s own rules and CDC guidelines, there has been no pushback.

I have reached out to Mayor Bowser’s office, but unsurprisingly have not received an answer.

Will the same rules that most Americans have had to live under apply to Sharpton and his Black Lives Matter hate event? Or will the notorious bigot and his racist allies once again be free to do as they please. Are the pandemic rules there for all of us, or are they just intended for ordinary Americans?

Is there one set of laws for all Americans, or are there two sets of books and two sets of rules, with a leftist political elite that is entitled to six-day funeral processions while ordinary people were prevented from attending the funerals of their loved ones, and no weddings, family gatherings, or schools for the rest of us, while unions, Democrats and Sharpton can hold a mass hate rally at the Lincoln Memorial?

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