Photo Credit: Hadassah Medical Center
Firefighters disinfect the entrance of the emergency of Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem on March 22, 2020.

Israel’s Health Ministry informed the nation’s hospitals in a notice Tuesday that they must cut between 30 to 50 percent of their non-COVID-19 outpatient medical care due to the escalating severity of novel coronavirus situation nationwide.

The heads of Israel’s medical centers were ordered to reduce activity in outpatient clinics and surgical departments so as to once again enable the reassignment of staff and other resources for the fight against COVID-19 in their medical institutions.


The ministry told the heads of the hospitals they will have to “bridge the gap” in patient care and treatment by providing medical recommendations and advice online.

When and as it becomes necessary, the hospitals are also going to be able to source personnel from within the IDF to fill positions within various medical departments, according to Ynet.