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Invisible Women

I am writing this letter on behalf of my 10-year-old daughter who recently became an avid reader and asked me why there are no pictures of women and girls in Orthodox Jewish publications. She told me how much it bothers her and her friends to be “invisible” in frum newspapers and magazines


When I mentioned issues of modesty, she refuted me by questioning why even pictures of little girls or older women dressed modestly couldn’t appear in such publications. Thank God I had this week’s issue of The Jewish Press handy. I pointed out to her that your paper does present pictures of females and they are all dressed in accordance with Jewish law.

Keep up the good work!

Alex Lapin
(Via E-Mail)


Sara Lehmann Nails Bernie Sanders (I)

Sara Lehmann’s Feb. 12 “Right Angle” column – “The Problem With Sanders’s Jewishness” – was on the mark. She presented a clear, cogent picture of a man whose religion might be more realistically defined as radical leftist. (It should be noted that Sanders and his first wife honeymooned in the former Soviet Union. Not a crime, of course, but a rather telling example of where a person’s feelings lie.)

Neither Sanders nor Hillary Clinton offers the rock-solid support for Israel that George W. Bush exhibited. Both are enmeshed in the left and far-left environment that is today’s Democratic Party. Both seem to view Jews building homes for Jews in Israel as a “provocation” and neither speaks out in loud, clear terms when Muslims murder Jews in cold blood.

Mrs. Clinton’s record on Israel, the Palestinians, and the quagmire of the Middle East is ostensibly better than Sanders’s, but only because his record on every issue affecting Israel is so abysmal.

Myron Hacker
New City, NY


Sara Lehmann Nails Bernie Sanders (II)

Sara Lehmann scored another bullseye in her excellent depiction of Bernie Sanders as “a Jewish socialist relic who hasn’t learned from history’s mistakes.” She made this clearly evident in her description of Bernie as being more interested in “Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street” than in protecting American interests.

Lehmann also reminded us of Sanders’s outrageous support of the Iran deal as well as his opposition to Israel.

Her column was exactly what Sanders – this socialist who almost never mentions his Jewish origins – deserves. He’s just another typical leftist Jew, ambivalent or even ashamed of his heritage.

Avraham Abba Stubenhaus
(Via E-Mail)


Crying For America

It is the day after the New Hampshire primary and I cry for America.

That a man like Donald Trump – who denigrates with such coarse, vulgar language women, Mexicans, all Muslims, a handicapped reporter, football players who don’t want to do head-to-head hits, a war hero like Sen. McCain, and just about anyone who opposes him on any issue – can win even one state in this country makes me fear we are not as great as we once were or believe we are.

Trump has even gone so far as to denigrate his own supporters by saying that if he shot someone in broad daylight they would still be loyal to him.

Whatever happens over the next few months, I think Trump has already done significant damage to this country. The attributes that have made America great are the quiet dignity of its people, their inner core of decency, their yearning to breathe free in a complicated world.

Yes, we miss the mark sometimes – maybe even a lot of times. And this could lead to the kind of dismay, disappointment, and anger that may explain the rise of “outsider” presidential candidates like Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

But Trump is on a completely different level. There has never been a presidential candidate – let alone a president – who has publicly and routinely used four-letter words and other crudities to attack others and whose only response to valid points raised against him is to call names or threaten to sue.


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