When we proclaim what we want, we have the ability to create miracles!

Israel is at war with Hamas. Each and every Jew is fighting this battle. Some Jews are on the ground, fighting with guns and tanks; that is the physical war. However, even if you are not fighting the physical war, you can still be engaged in the spiritual war. We are all Spiritual Warriors, each of us helping to win this war in our own way. Orly speaks to us about how each Jew can do something that they connect with in order to help Israel win the war. Some people bake challah, others send much needed items to Israel, and you should do what resonates with you. Orly shares an interesting story about how her friend, who loves to drive, donates her time driving goods all around Israel to those who need them. We are all soldiers in Hashem’s army; we all have to man our post in our own way.


Orly talks about a few of the campaigns that she is implementing on the spiritual war front to help protect the soldiers. Through her free app, Abraham’s Legacy, she holds an event every evening, Sunday-Thursday, via Zoom (link below) where people read Tehillim (Psalms), finishing the entire book of psalms multiple times a night. Psalms are a HUGE spiritual protection for our soldiers!

Orly also speaks about the mitzvah of netilat yadaim (spiritual washing of the hands.) She has a company called Netilah, which makes special hand washing cups made our of 100% pure copper. Copper has a tremendous connection to healing. Aside from being a natural antibacterial metal, kabbalistically, copper has a deep spiritual purpose. Copper connects with and purifies water upon contact; it protects the water before it reaches your hands. For more information on Netilah, please visit www.netillah.com

There is a link between our voices, which we use for davening (praying), and our hands. When we refrain from speaking badly about others, we purify our voices. When we have pure voices, our prayers can reach G-d more quickly and easily; they don’t get stuck in the energy of negativity. We can achieve this purification of our voices by JUDGING OTHERS FAVORABLY and speaking well of others. When we think good, we speak good. Think good, and it will be good.

Regarding our hands, when we sleep 1/60 of our soul dies. Death is considered impure. When we wake up from sleep, we use a netilat yadaim cup (also known as a klee), to do a spiritual washing of our hands, which Orly explains to us. This washing of our hands, done slowly, and with focus and good intention, can purify our hands. When our hands are purified, the things that we do with them are elevated; baking challah, cooking, making cards for soldiers, packing supplies for the IDF, etc. What you do with pure hands and pure intentions is an elevated mitzvah.

Orly can be reached at:
[email protected]
or via Whatsapp: +1-917-748-8032

In trying times such as these we find ourselves asking what can we do to help? Tefillah has always and will always be something we can turn to. As we know every prayer said, every chapter of Tehillim brings a tremendous level of protection. And so Orly asks you to join her each night for 30 minutes at 8:30pm Israel time to read Tehillim in unison.

WATCH the video below, share and encourage others to join us.

• Join Us in Prayer

Date: Sunday-Thursday
Time: 8:30pm Israel | 1:30pm NY
Same time and link every night

Join the Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7340551834

Download the app in preparation: qrco.de/bbD92t

ABRAHAM’S LEGACY is an app that allows ppl around the world to complete the entire Tehillim within moments!

Tehillim Warriors Project

• Become a Tehillim Warrior

Join our Unit of Tehillim Warriors by taking on the same 5 min window every day to say Tehillim for our soldiers and hostages.

You’re being called to battle with your tefillot…are you READY to answer the call?

Enlist NOW! Please SHARE! www.abrahamslegacy.com/warrior

Join Abraham’s Legacy in a Call to Prayer – GLOBAL TEHILLIM READ


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