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Natalie opens discussing her honesty about Israel, showing some of the hardships of life here, but saying that Israel is a great place to live especially now with so much instability in other parts of the world; Natalie speaks with Shirley March, 75, olah chadash from England who made aliyah 5 years ago with her husband; the couple have built here a busy active life here, while still maintaining close contact with their children in England via Facebook, Whatsapp, and Zoom calls; Natalie discusses the recent death of Jewish Philanthropist Sheldon Adelson and reflects on the world of good, how people give when they love something; in the last segment, Natalie speaks with Zezy Fuld about his high school for boys and discusses the challenges of moving to Israel with teens. Zezy’s school Mesivta Darchei Chaim is geared especially for English-speaking Olim. For more information, contact Zezy at



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