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INTR Producer, Matt Zucker, joins Tamar and together they give the latest news and tackle the issues facing Israel today.

On this show:
Attorney Mark P. Cohen, from Oakland, Calif. shares his story facing openly hostile antisemitism at a city council meeting. Cohen plans to admirably fight harder for Israel and the Jewish People, but is there a future for Jews choosing to remain in the Exile?


“Poll: 51% of young Americans support ending, giving Israel to Hamas.
Harvard-Harris poll shows majority of young voters aged 18-24 majority say calls to commit genocide against Jews should be allowed.”

PLUS: What really happened regarding the mistaken shooting of 3 kidnapped Israelis? New reports are that the Hamas-Isis terrorists may have sent them out to be killed. How, and why? We discuss some of the facts on the ground.
Also, demanding a cease-fire only serves to keep the Hamas-Isis alive. Why would any decent human being want that?


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