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There are pros and cons of hammering out a peace treaty with our neighboring Arab countries. What does Israel have to give up, and what do the Arab states have to compromise on? Who gets the worst part of the deal, and who takes the most risks? Will these Arab states recognize Israel as a JEWISH State, and will they recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and establish their embassies here?Which Arab country will be the next to establish peace with Israel, and how WARM will that peace be? Also, Lebanon’s president has now said that he is open to peace talks with Israel. Where can all of this take us, and how will Iran react?

Tamar Yonah speaks with Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a well known authority on Islamic Movements, the Arabic mass media, and politics and culture in Arab societies. He brings up some extremely important points on negotiating with the Arab world, what Israel is giving up as opposed to the Arabs, and how much of a price Israel may have to pay for ‘peace’ with countries that may need it more than we do.
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