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Demonstrator holds ISIS flag on the ancient plaza of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City. (Archive 2014)

( Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday called for the “protection of Al-Aqsa Mosque compound” and ensuring that “Palestinians’” freedom of worship in Jerusalem remain in line with the order that existed before the “Israeli occupation of 1967,” WAFA, the official Palestinian Authority news agency reported.

From 1948 until June of 1967, Jews were not allowed anywhere in the Old City of Jerusalem, and Jewish tombstones from the Mt. Olive old Jewish cemetery were being used by the Jordanian legion to pave roads.


“The Israeli systematic aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque compound … the third of the holy sites in Islam in occupied East Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Palestine, could not serve peace, coexistence and tolerance among faiths and peoples,” Abbas said during the inauguration ceremony of the reconstructed central mosque in Moscow.

“On the contrary, it provides a pretext for worldwide extremists who are exploiting religions for terrorizing humanity,” Abbas added.

Jews have been arrested as a matter of policy by Israeli police when they as much as made a blessing over a cup of water. On the Arab side, youths have been engaged in violent rock throwing and clashes with police.

During his speech, Abbas stressed that Muslims have the right to pray inside Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, which belongs solely to Muslims, and slammed Israeli measures severely restricting their access to the Mosque compound and freedom of worship.

This means the Israeli government is contemplating permitting Jews to also have set times for prayer on Temple Mount. Or, as Abbas put it: “But what’s even worse is that Israel strives to divide the Al-Aqsa Mosque between Muslims and Jews. Such a division would mean changing the time and location for prayer: Muslims would pray at one time in one location, while Jews would pray at a different time in a different location.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose army has begun to pound Muslim Chechen mujahedin in Syria, described the Moscow mosque’s inauguration as “a big event in the life of all the Muslims of Russia” and condemned cynical attempts to exploit religions for political goals.

“Attempts are being made to cynically exploit religious beliefs for political goals. We see what is going on in the Middle East where terrorists from the so-called Islamic State are compromising a great world religion, compromising Islam, spreading hatred, killing people, including priests, and barbarically destroying objects of world culture,” stated Puitn. “Their ideology is based on lies and blatant perversion of Islam,” he added.

Neither Putin nor Abbas found any of the Russian President’s statement to be the least bit ironic, even following weeks of incitement to violence by the Palestinian Authority over made up threats to the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa mosque. Putin and Abbas were later joined Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the opening of the new Moscow main mosque.

Built with Gulf states’ funding, the Moscow main mosque, second largest in Russia, can accommodate 10,000 worshippers. An estimated two million Muslims live in Moscow.



  1. Great idea. No Jew at the temple mount and no arab in Jerusalem. And thats just the first installment,. Second installment will be compensation (plus compounded interest) to all Israeli Munich Athletes victim families that this rich fatass financed back in 1972

  2. The Mount never belonged to Muslims to begin with. Read an ancient manuscript, for God’s sake. Your Koran isn’t the only one out there, their are thousands of them in that country, just visit a museum. Preferably, without taking people hostage, we already know your not going to listen, but it still can’t hurt to try again.

  3. Netanyahu tell Abbas to shut his mouth ,muslims doesn’t own1 inch of Israel land God gave Israel to the Jewish people 4 every so u muslims go back to Egypt and Jordan ur own land. Temple Mount belongs to the Jews and God thatswhere God put his firsTemple and second and there will be third, when God gets through with u muslims and all who go againest Israel u will know God has spoken 4 the

  4. It is an old method of scamming poorly informed people —

    Whatever the Palestinians are doing (like terrorism), pretend the Israelis are doing it and whatever the Israelis are doing (like trying to advance civilization and give all religions safe access) pretend the Palestinians are doing it.

  5. In recent years the Moslem Wakf has come to deny the historic existence of the Holy Temple, claiming that the Temple Mount belongs solely to the Moslem nation, and that there exists no connection between the Jewish nation and the Temple Mount. It is clear from this pamphlet that the revised Wakf position strays from traditional Moslem acknowledgment of the Mount’s Jewish antecedents. The current denial of historical reality is merely one tool in the war being waged by Moslems against the G-d of Israel and the entire “infidel” world.

    a copy of the Official 1925 Supreme Moslem Council (Wakf) Guide Book to the Temple Mount. Of particular interest is page four, paragraph two, in which the booklet admits proudly to the Temple Mount’s inexorable connection to the Holy Temple built by King Solomon on land purchased by King David, complete with a reference to II Samuel 24:25.

    A second reference to the Second Temple is made on page sixteen, again in the second paragraph describing the underground chamber known as Solomon’s Stables. Quoting the Jewish historian Josephus, the document cites the “conquest of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70 AD.”

  6. Abbas, Dissertation on Holocaust denial, Erdogan Christopher Columbus found a 500 year old Mosque when he discovered America proving Muslims were in America first, and Lt Col KGB Putin dreaming of restoring Russia to the CCCP Superpower it once was and he is the most sane of the group. The other two could pass for escapees from the institute. Instead of shunning them we actually build them up feeding their lunatic psyches

  7. Abbas only wants to return to 48-67 because the rules then suit him and muslims. How about returning it to rightful times when only jews who built originally and religously significant on the ground.
    To muslims it is only a worship of a fairytale, one they eagerly put aside during the crusades for peacefull reasons. Muslims are even more radical today than they were in the 6th century. The ottoman empire allowed muslims to pray there unhindered also hundreds of years ago. SO what is it with muslims today. If palestine can claim full ownership of the temple mount as in, "this is how it is right now" when an agreement is made with outside influence, they will take this part of jerusalem undisputed. This is the sole and only purpose of this totally hypocritical muslim claim to temple mount. A land grab for the future. Kick them out now.

  8. Before 1967 arabs wanted things to return to pre 1948 now they want to return to pre 1967… when they will be kicked out of Western Palestine they will ask for pre 2017 or 2018…but they will be shot by the jordanian legion when they open their mouth.

  9. This Temple Mount B.S. is getting to be pretty annoying to me. Take it back (AGAIN), so that all three religions can use it. There is the Court of the Gentiles to be set off, and the rest of the Temple area. There is room for a mosque somewhere. But as long as the Muslims still fully control it, the World to Come will only be a dream.

    Jordan lost. Get over it. They had the chance to sit the war out, but chose to join in on the Arab side. Bad decisions beget the proper punishment. The Temple Mount no longer belongs to Jordan, or to the Arabs, period.

    Neither does it belong to Israel….

    Nor Rome.

    Hashem is king and ruler there. And everyone better remember that. For the Return will culminate soon.

  10. Moshe thought that giving up the heart and mind and soul of the nation would save the body. He thought that accomodation would bring peace to the land.

    Of what use is the body, wthout the heart, and mind, and soul of it? Cutting them out destroys the body; it does not preserve it.

    The Temple Mount is the Life of all of Judaism. It is a symbol of what was long ago to be internalized by the Nation, but to this day, hasn't been fully accomplished. So, this symbol must be fully restored to Jewish hands, so those who cannot experience Hashem in their hearts and minds and souls have something concrete to look toward, as a reminder of their calling.

    Possession of the Temple Mount will lead some more thinking children to adulthood, wherein they can claim their True Inheritance from their Father. So, while it is not ultimately necessary to possess it for some, who recognize Hashem as being everywhere and behind everything, for the rest of the Nation who are less advanced, it is absolutely essential.

    Gazan and the Temple Mount, and what is always going on in Samaria / the West Bank, are proof positive that secular thinkers such as Dayan are all unfit to govern. Today's accomodation always and invaribly creates tomorrow's Hitler or Stalin. It has been that way since the rise of city-states.

    Man only understands the sword and the pruning hook. The harvesting basket and the plow? They look upon them, as if they have never seen them.

  11. 1 – I understand why the leader of Hamas –Khaled Marshal– is making politics and good business outside the border of Israel.
    However I do NOT understand why Mahmoud Abbas is not opting for the same quiet and successful way…?

    2 – Kindly note that many politicians don't accept that United Jerusalem is the Capital of the State of Israel, but if the Sunni Palestinians receive East Jerusalem, SUDDENLY Jerusalem will have the status of capital of both states…! Very strange, isn't it?!

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