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Donald Trump at the Republican Jewish Coalition

( Few deny that Donald Trump had his best night to date speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington Thursday. Considering his reputation as a bully and a racist, the NY billionaire presidential wannabe came across outright graceful at times.

At one point, suggesting he would have gotten a better deal with Iran, he boasted “look, I’m a negotiator, like you folks,” following it with, “Is there anyone in this room who doesn’t negotiate deals? Probably more than any room I’ve ever spoken [at].”


Answering a question about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Trump held his ground and refused to tell his staunchly pro-Israel audience that he thought Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel, coupled with the usual lie all other presidential candidates tell their Jewish audiences, that his first act in office would be to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. He was booed for that, but his stance was refreshingly honest.

He also pointed a finger at Israel for the failure of the peace process, and the room became graveyard silent when he said, “I don’t know that Israel has the commitment to make it.”

Judd Legum tweeted: “People Trump has insulted in this campaign (partial list):

1. Jews
2. The disabled
3. Muslims
4. Women
5. Immigrants
6. Refugees
7. Blacks”

“The nicest thing that you can say about these comments is that they play on ancient stereotypes of Jews as money-grubbing merchants,” Zack Beauchamp commented. “The meanest thing you can say is that they’re outright anti-Semitic.”

Ari Fleischer, one of the most prominent Republican Jews to date, tweeted: “Trump to the Republican Jewish Coalition: ‘You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money.’ What the hell does that mean?”

It probably means that Donald Trump, who has produced more verbiage than most humans ever in the past few months, is not very good at laying out his thoughts. What he possibly wanted to say was, you want a candidate who would obey you because you control his purse strings, but you should vote for me instead because I’ll always be honest with you. Trump often does not complete his thoughts, either because of intellectual laziness, or because his brain works faster than he is able to articulate.

Ben Jacobs tweeted, “You have to give plaudits to Donald Trump for chutzpah. Who else gives a border line anti-Semitic speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition?”

And Chemi Shalev, much angrier than most, tweeted, “The time that Trump spit on a Jewish audience and everyone pretended they were in a water park.”

Maybe so. But it’s also possible that Trump was feeling at home with his Jewish audience, being connected to them by blood, through his daughter, Ivanka (Yael), who converted to Orthodox Judaism, as the candidate put it, “The only bad news is I can’t get her on Saturday. I call and call. I can’t speak to my daughter anymore on Saturday!”

It’s like African Americans who are the only ones allowed to use the N word freely. That’s probably why, when he referred to his astonishing success in the polls that cost him so little in ad money, Trump said, to a bunch of Jews, “I think you, as businesspeople, will feel pretty good about this, and respect it.”

Can you imagine Obama getting away with that one? And get away with it he did, judging by the ADL statement on “Remarks by Donald Trump at RJC Event.”

“The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today disagreed with those writers and commentators who suggested that presidential hopeful Donald Trump intentionally evoked anti-Semitic stereotypes in remarks to a Republican Jewish Coalition event, but urged him to clarify that he did not mean his comments to be interpreted that way.”
To which they attached an analysis written by ADL CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt: “After having carefully reviewed the speech, we do not believe that it was Donald Trump’s intention to evoke anti-Semitic stereotypes. He has made similar comments about spending his own money on the campaign, and not asking for money from donors, to many other groups.”

So it’s official, Donald Trump is allowed to say the M word. Although it’s doubtful he was waiting anxiously for anyone’s approval.

Watch and decide for yourself:



  1. ..we like him he has guts ..ohh come on give the guy a break he trying to take out Muslims in the usa and remove their mosques ..Obama are not legally or legitimately our president …your father was born in Kenya Africa a subject of the royal britsh crown ..your mother was born on the pacific island of Hawaii 18 years before Hawaii became a state… and entered into the untied state of America… all world government’s should call into question —the legality and the legitimacy of your presidency ……both parents must be naturally born in America on our soil and in our country not Africa nor the pacific islands of Hawaii …..because I an American whos family’s been here 270 say ..your not my president …and you and holder need to go to federal prison for giving guns 25 million dollar’s of weapons to illegals criminal’s drug dealers in fast and furious Eric holder had to resign you are both legally responsible for mass murders

  2. Grow a backbone, no Israel does not have a commitment to have peace while she is constantly being attatched- b.c. peace is impossible in the world right now- per scripture – only the Messiah will bring Jerusalem peace. So, get over it for now, and maybe Trump would make good on his word- you cannot call him a liar until he lies- someone is going to have to move things to Jerusalem eventually. Look how many ppl listened to the lies from Obama- only b.c. of his sweet lies &? B.c. he was 1/2 black- b.c no one did their homework on his ideals/beliefs/lifesyle. Colosal muslim brotherhood failure.
    Trump would be 1 million times better. He’d play hard-ball with Russia, China & the Arab nations. So, unless u have better plans- if his daughter married a Jew- you had better count your blessings

  3. Mr trump needs to jump to skip being lynched on his way to sanatorium.Trump needs cold shower …to cool off to normalcy.if he wins it will be the second and the last blow dealt to the white house next to Obama.America seems to be in a continual stupor for trump to stomp buuggy.

  4. I believe that Trump really wants peace. I think he does as we do, get really ticked off and spouts things that may not be pleasant or may not be right, but just because he is running for president, does not make him perfect. Just look at Clinton, accused of stealing from the White House when she and Bill left, lying about her emails, and this is done on purpose, and people in the liberal party, only open their mouths to defend her….so if Trump makes an error, or says the wrong thing….at least he is not doing it on purpose and he is not lying and deceiving like the other side…

  5. The Jewish Press editors should have their heads examined. Why in the world would they accuse Trump of being anti-Jewish? Trump is the most pro-American & pro-Israel candidate. If you've read Trumps books over the years, Trump has nothing but good to say about Jews. Trump's daughter married a religious Jew & converted. On top of all this, Trump calls Islamic terror Islamic terror and doesn't worry about the fallout. So please re-think your bashing of one of Israel's best friends.

  6. I am no fan of Donald Trump, but I suspect that some of his comments(such as saying that he and his audience were all negotiators) were meant humorously. I also think he was being honest about his comments about Jerusalem, unlike the other candidates who were obviously pandering.

  7. The Jewish Republicans use their Jewishness to further their business and career interests. Trump, Israel's best friend cannot be bought so the real money people pretend he is engaged in anti-Jewish behavior. The more he is attacked the more his strength grows. Regular Jewish people are tired of being used. To insinuate that Donald Trump is anti-Jewish is dangerous and defamatory. How many Anti-Semites have Jewish grandchidren who attend yeshivot, a frum daughter and was Grand Marshal of the Israel Day Parade. Stop drilling holes in our collective boat!

  8. Donald Trump is a Mensh.I have never understood how intelligent people are so mesmerized by that unprepared, stupid ring kisser Obama. Great that Donald is going to Israel to visit Netanyahu. Donald will help the State of Israel and not degrade our people like Obama & his sycophants love to do……

  9. Firstly, the Republican Jewish Coalition is another do nothing RINO organization. When I was VP of a Jewish Republican group in FL all they wanted was money. In return we'd get "great speakers" and a group " putting pressure" in DC. My negotiation was. No thanks. I heard Trump and one is delusional if he thinks that anti- semitism. BTW, he made a video endorsing Bibi when he was running.

  10. We do not believe Trump is anti-Jewish in the slightest bit. His speech was very good and his positions are pro-Israel.
    Most of the above article consisted of what other people said about him and his speech.

  11. I watched the speech and I do not think it was offensive at all. This is much ado about nothing. Trump prides himself on being a good negotiator so calling a room of successful Jews good negotiators is not a slur. Everyone should just get over this and go onto something more substantive.

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