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Meir Ettinger, grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane, seen at Magistrate's Court in the northern city of Nazareth.

The Central District Court in Lod on Tuesday ruled in favor of a request by the security services to extend the administrative detention of Meir Ettinger, according to a statement by the Honenu legal aid society.

Judge Avraham Tal approved the state’s request to extend Ettinger’s administrative detention Tuesday afternoon by an additional four months.


Honenu Attorney Yuval Zemer warned, “Today it is Ettinger’s views that are not pleasant to the ears of those in charge; tomorrow it could be my views or the views of any other citizen.”

Ettinger, a grandson of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, has been imprisoned under administrative detention – and in solitary confinement – for more than six months already.

He was moved to solitary confinement after prison authorities felt he was influencing other prisoners by holding discussions with them.

Ettinger went on a hunger strike, but after it proved unsuccessful, gave it up after 17 days.

The young activist was arrested seven months ago under a six-month administrative order signed by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. After the first order signed by the defense minister expired, a recommendation was signed by the Jewish Department of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) for a four-month extension. It was this recommendation that was approved Tuesday in the Lod courthouse.

“The day that the court approves continuation of administrative detention of an individual, solely because of his views, is a sad day for democracy,” Ettinger’s attorney said after the ruling was handed down.

“This decision should disturb the sleep of anyone who values democracy and individual rights.”

Administrative detention permits the government to arrest and detain an individual without being charged, not necessarily for things he has done but for those he might do. It is a legal device dating back to the days of the British Mandatory Government.



  1. Israel a Jewish country? You want aliyah? This treatment reeks of Fascism. Biton, kills six Jew's, he gets house arrest. Barghouti, a mastermind of murdering Jew's holds press conferences and speaks to the media. Even with five life sentences, he is considered for replacement of Abu Mazen. Arab murderers are released in prisoner exchanges. Either charge Ettinger with a crime or release him for LACK OF EVIDENCE.

  2. With a Hero such as this setting an example for Israel and every Jew: How can we abandon him now? Sign the petition, get everyone in your family to sign it. His martyred father is enough price for his family…this 'state' conduct is evil in every respect and worthy of condemnation at every level.

  3. This British detention technique did not work for the British in Ireland. It increased hostility between the Irish and British for an additional 100 years. The Israeli Government and Legal System is now guilty of the same human rights violation: Imprisonment and isolation for presuming that a person will be guilty in the future. Even GOD gives us the opportunity to actually SIN before considering the imposition of punishment!

  4. HaShem is ANGRY!. HaShem is MAD. HaShem will continue to punish Medinaht Yisrael. Too many "Erev Rav" in the Government and spread out in the World again. History does and will repeat itself soon. They seem to forget that 6 million of the mixed bloold was YAD HaShem. 3rd Generation of Scapegoats. First it was the Rav Meir Kahane. Then his son and daughter-in-law. Now, they are working on KILLING the SPIRIT of his Grandson. I am disgusted and ashamed that the REAL ENEMY of the JEWS, are the "Erev Rav" Jews, in the government in Israel and other parts of the world. Are we headed for another Holocaust?. Sure seems that way!

  5. with all the countries against Israel, to have the Israeli Defense Minister working alongside the enemies of the only democratic state in the middle east, is both a shundah and the death of principles for Israel. – I share Wayne Rockman's opinion that Ya'alon should be removed from office and the Grandson of Meir Kahane should be given commendation for anything – even drawing breath.

  6. It Must be done, in order to preserve Am Yisrael. Lack of Emuna is apparent and it's going to affect every single Jew, whether "erev rav" or not, in the world. G-D is showing US, that WE MUST turn all this Chaos around. WE in whole, Turn a blind Eye to our Creator. WORSHIP the CREATOR. NOT the CREATED!!!

  7. Israel's government sounds more like Iran's than the democracy they profess to embrace. I am an American who wants to continue supporting Israel, but this ongoing perversion of justice leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth. The people of Israel should be very concerned about a tyranical and out of control governement that can take away their freedom whithout a crime being committed. This is the thought police at their worst.

  8. b"H While I did not and do not subscribe to some of the fascist leanings of Rav Meir Kahane, and it appears this young man is also trusting his own judgment more than Torah, I find this imprisonment without proper evidence totally excessive. It appears that his Yichus is regarded as the basis for a huge prejudice, and it's as if he is being made to sit for every excess of the rav as well as his own leanings. This doesn't have much to do with justice.

  9. If after six months the state has not gathered enough evidence of wrong-doing to put before a court, it has no case for extending the detention. Administrative detention is justifiable only if the release of a person presents a danger to society.

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