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Moshe Feiglin

Knesset Deputy Speaker MK Moshe Feiglin was standing earlier with Yehudah Glick at the Begin Center, where the assassination attempt happened.

Here is Feiglin’s account of the attack, posted on his Facebook page as per Shai Malka, Manhigut Yehudit’s General Director, who was standing with Glick at the time:

Here is what happened earlier: The Temple Mount movement held a conference tonight at the Begin Center in Jerusalem. I had spoken and left the Begin Center about half an hour before Yehudah was shot. At the end of the event, Yehudah, accompanied by Manhigut Yehudit General Director Shai Malka, walked outside to his car.

There was a motorcyclist with his helmet on standing there.

He turned to Yehuda in a thick Arabic accent and said, “Yehuda, I am angry at you,” and then shot him three times point blank.

The flaccidity of the defense mechanism and Minister for Internal Security Aharonovitz in the face of the Arab violence constantly perpetrated against Jews on the Temple Mount encourages further violence and has brought about this attempted murder. The most important response to this despicable act is to open the Temple Mount to Jews now – tonight. I will be at the Temple Mount tomorrow morning at 7:30. Please join me.


Moriah Halamish, a young woman who attended the Begin Center conference added that the shooter first asked if he was Yehudah Glick, to which Glick replied, yes, at that point he said “I am angry with you”, and then shot him.

Please pray for Yehuda Yehoshua ben Rivka Ita Breindel.

Yehudah Glick on the Temple Mount.

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  1. How many more have to die befor the PM cleans house? evil people :'( obama has made it clear he stands with the enemy of Israel muslems. wish people would grow some and throw him out of our govt. he does not speak for me i stand with ISRAEL ALWAYS !! <3

  2. Jewish populations have been expelled from many countries during the past 2,000 or more years, and no-one has ever objected. Even as recently as 1947/48, most Jewish citizens of Middle Eastern countries were expelled with only the clothes on their backs, while these countries stole all their finances, homes and land. Again, no-one objected. Arabs in Israel are a noxious presence if their recent behaviour is any indication of their character and intentions. Why can Israel not simply expel them? The Middle Eastern Muslim countries have plenty of empty space.

  3. Moshe, if I was presently in Israel, I would join you. I am with you in spirit and thought and fully support you. Maspik! Time to take back what is ours and always was and always will be. I understand the political issues and dangers, so lets proceed wisely and carefully.

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